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Will Chloe and Kevin Ever Marry on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Chloe is pressing Kevin to elope on The Young and the Restless (YR) and scrap their plans for a big wedding.

There’s a method to her madness. Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) knows that her fiancé’s mother Gloria (Judith Chapman) is against their nuptials; plus, half the town thinks she’s crazy and is trying to sway Kevin away from her.

So she’s told Kevin that life is too unpredictable and that they should tie the knot, ASAP! Soap Hub asked fans if you think the pair will actually make it down the aisle. Nearly 5,000 of you weighed in.

No, They’re Doomed
The bulk of you, some 77%, are convinced Chloe and Kevin (Greg Rikaart) won’t make it down the aisle. There are too many skeletons in Chloe’s closet – from the fact that she killed Adam to the mystery surrounding Bella’s father – and one of them is bound to come out.

You’re totally prepared for the couple’s wedding day to arrive, but then, in true soap opera fashion, for someone to burst in with evidence that Chloe offed Adam and put the kibosh on her big day.

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Only If They Elope
Chloe’s smart to push Kevin for a quickie wedding, say 17% of you, because that’s the only way it will happen. Too many people have their eye on her. Then, there’s Nick (Joshua Morrow), who’s investigating his theory that she murdered his brother Adam. If and when the truth comes out, Kevin will surely turn his back on Chloe forever.

Yes, They’ll Have Their Big Day
Meanwhile, 6% of you are convinced true love will prevail, and Chloe and Kevin will make it down the aisle. Despite every crazy thing that Chloe has done – and granted there has been a lot – Chloe truly does love Kevin.

You believe she has turned over a new leaf and will continue on the straight and narrow path with Kevin by her side. And you’re hoping that no one uncovers the awful secrets in her past.

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