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Will Adam’s Death Ruin Chelsea and Chloe’s Friendship on Y&R?

The Young and the RestlessChloe and Chelsea on The Young and the Restless

On The Young and the Restless, Chloe conspired with Victor to send Chelsea’s husband Adam to jail and then drugged him and left him for dead in an exploding cabin.

Ever since Delia died, after Adam accidentally ran her down with his car, Chloe has been an emotional basket case. She holds him totally responsible for her daughter’s demise and has been consumed with payback. She eagerly conspired with Victor (Eric Braeden) to destroy Adam and, then, took things a step further by plotting his death. All the while, Chloe’s continued to stand by Chelsea and call herself her best friend. But can this friendship survive once Chelsea learns about Chloe’s duplicitous actions? Some 5,000 fans of The Young and the Restless weighed in on the subject.

Friendship Revoked
Absolutely not! That’s the resounding reply from 96% of fans. Once Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) learns that Chloe was in cahoots with Victor and killed Adam, she’ll revoke her BFF status, stat. Not only will Chelsea feel betrayed, but also deeply hurt that her so-called “friend” was working behind her back to destroy her husband with absolutely no regard for how it would affect her and Connor’s lives.

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Forgive, and Try to Forget
Meanwhile, 2% of you believe Chelsea will forgive Chloe… eventually. As a mother, she understands that Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) never recovered from her daughter Delia’s death, nor Adam’s role in causing it. Chelsea knows that Chloe will forever be emotionally scarred by the trauma and that that’s what drove her actions.

Impossible Choice
The remaining 1% of fans can’t imagine how this will play out. You know that Chloe truly loves Chelsea and Connor despite her actions towards Adam (Justin Hartley). So the fate of their friendship will totally rest on Chelsea’s capacity for forgiveness, but it’s impossible to know if she’ll be able to turn the other cheek, considering Adam ended up dead.

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