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Which Character Would You Most Like to See Return?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Saying goodbye to beloved characters is becoming a regular occurrence on The Young and the Restless.

Last year, viewers grieved the loss of Victor’s youngest son Adam when he was killed in an explosion. This year started off with fans forced to say goodbye to Nikki’s eldest, Dylan, when an undercover assignment went horribly wrong.

It’s meant lots of tears and tissues for fans who hate seeing their favorites bite the dust. But which character would viewers of The Young and the Restless most like to see return if they had the chance? Nearly 7,000 of you spoke out on the subject.

The winner of the “Bring ‘em Back” poll is Adam (Justin Hartley) hands down. The character received 65% of the vote. Despite watching the safe house he was in explode, you’re not convinced he’s dead.

You’d like to think he escaped before the big blast and is alive and well somewhere. In time you’d like to see him back in GC. You miss his relationship with Chelsea and watching him butt heads with his cantankerous dad Victor.

The recently departed Dylan (Steve Burton) is the choice of 19% of you. The thought of the character being in the Witness Protection Program for life is more than you can bear. He’s too integral a part of the show and the Newmans’ lives. Plus you can’t imagine Sharon moving on without him. You’re hoping the drug cartel hell bent on revenge against Dylan will eventually be caught and pave the way for him to head home.

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Poor Sage (Kelly Sullivan) never got to be a mother to her young son Christian. Unfortunately, she was killed in a tragic car accident moments after discovering the child was alive.

That’s a major reason why 10% of you want to see her back on the canvas. She deserves to be reunited with her beautiful boy and of course hubby Nick too.

No one shakes things up in GC quite like crazy Patty (Stacy Haiduk) say 4% of you. Her obsession with Jack has always intrigued you, and you adore her brother/sister bond with Paul.

Your dream is for the character to receive the psychiatric help she needs and return home. Then viewers can wait and see if she’s really healed or back to stir up more trouble.

A small 2% of you wish there was a way Brad (Don Diamont) could return to Y&R. You never understood why the show’s writers killed him off. He was an integral part of both Ashley and Traci’s lives and a great foil for Jack. The show hasn’t been the same without him.

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