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Do You Want to See Ashley in Charge of Jabot Again?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Ashley has threatened to take over control of Jabot from Jack on The Young and the Restless.

She’s tired of watching her big brother make questionable business decisions – like hiring Gloria (Judith Chapman) — and is not about to sit back idly while he drives their father’s company into the ground. Ashley has put Jack on notice. She boldly told him that she doesn’t trust him anymore and that if he doesn’t get his act together soon, she’s taking over as company CEO.

How do fans of The Young and the Restless feel about the turn of events? Over 8,000 of you spoke out on the subject.

Yes, She’s a Powerhouse
The majority of fans, some 69%, would welcome Ashley (Eileen Davidson) back in the CEO chair at Jabot. She’s smart and savvy and can hold her own with the big boys, when it comes to business. Heck, she’s a bona fide powerhouse. Ashley has ruled Jabot before and done a fabulous job. If she chooses to do it again, you’re all for it.

They Need Someone New
Forget Ashley, and Jack for that matter. Some 20% of fans think it’s time for someone new to take over the reins at Jabot – say someone like Billy (Jason Thompson) or Abby (Melissa Ordway). You feel it’s time the company was infused with new younger blood. If Jabot is going to thrive, it’s going to have to change with the times. That’s why one of the younger Abbotts needs to step in and take charge.

No, She’s Not Tough Enough
The final 11% of you don’t want to see Ashley running Jabot. Sure, she’s brainy and wise, but being the head of a business of this magnitude also requires a major toughness and, on occasion, bending the rules – a lot. Frankly, you don’t think Ashley has it in her to do that. She’s too honest and aboveboard. Jack (Peter Bergman), on the underhand, most definitely does.

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