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Would Sharon Murder Patty to Keep Her Quiet on The Young and the Restless?

Patty and Sharon on The Young and the RestlessPatty and Sharon on The Young and the Restless

Patty knows that Sharon is raising Sage’s baby, Christian, as her son, Sully, and keeping the truth from Dylan and Nick on The Young and the Restless.

Just when Sharon (Sharon Case) thought she was home free and could continue living her happy charade of a life, Patty (Stacy Haiduk) has resurfaced. She’s started taunting her with phone calls and even sent Sharon’s daughter, Faith, a baby doll on her birthday to make a point about what she knows. Namely, that Sharon’s psycho psychiatrist gave her Sage’s child. Her lies could soon blow up in her face push Sharon over the edge. The question is, how far would she go to stop Patty from exposing the truth?

Dead Silence
More than half of the fans that responded, a full 53%, think Sharon would go so far as killing Patty to keep her silent. She’s come to love Sully as her own son and can’t risk Dylan (Steve Burton) or Nick (Joshua Morrow) ever learning the truth. Not only would it likely mean the end of her marriage to Dylan, but also the friendship she’s worked so hard to rebuild with her ex, Nick. Getting Patty out of the picture would preserve her happy life.

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Not a Murderer
No matter what Patty knows or threatens to do, 40% of you don’t believe Sharon would resort to murder. At her core, she’s a good, kind person. She’s gotten in over her head with this baby switch mess and may just have to accept the fact that the truth is about to come out. It won’t be easy, and Nick and Dylan are sure to be furious with her for keeping them in the dark. But it won’t be the first time Sharon has had to pick up the pieces of a scam gone wrong and move on.

Unpredictable Next Move
It’s too hard to predict Sharon’s next move, according to 7% of you. How far she goes – or doesn’t go – to keep Patty quiet will most likely depend on whether or not she’s on or off her meds. However, knowing Sharon, nothing she decides to do will surprise you.

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