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Sad To See Her Go? The Chloe Conundrum on The Young and the Restless


She’s alive, but the clock is ticking for Chloe on The Young and the Restless (YR) now that actress Elizabeth Hendrickson, has announced on social media that she’s currently taping her last (for now!) episode.

Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) was a surprise addition to the Genoa City scene when she first arrived back in 2008 as a fashion consultant to Lily Winters.

After a stunned Esther (Kate Linder) dropped that tea service tray (Clang!!), viewers learned that she was, in reality, Kate Valentine, the Chancellor maid’s daughter!

The character went from conniving troublemaker to Delia’s mother, and then her late daughter’s avenger when she kidnapped Adam (Justin Hartley), the man who accidentally but fataly hit Delia with his car.

Chloe appeared to have crossed the ultimate line by seemingly killing Adam (we don’t believe he’s gone for good!), and now, after faking her death, Chloe herself will be exiting the canvas.

Will You Miss Her? 
Soap Hub asked Y&R viewers to share their thoughts on Hendrickson wrapping up her stint. And the lady is definitely going to be missed!

The majority of poll takers, 38%, feel Hendrickson and her alter ego are a loss to the top-rated drama, choosing the option “Sad, she really added a great villain to Genoa City!”

Another 25% selected the option “Sad, I really love Chloe…” This group represents viewers who not only love Chloe, but perhaps don’t see her as a villain. After all, who could blame the young mother for wanting to make the man who killed her daughter (accidentally or not) pay for her untimely passing?

Don’t Let the GCAC Revolving Door Hit You on the Way Out!
Surprsingly, not everyone is sad to see Chloe leave the canvas. A small number of voters (11%) voted to say they were happy to see Esther’s daughter go.

A much larger number, 24%, also are happy she’s exiting but there’s a caveat with this group as they selected the option that praises Hendrickson’s talent. They voted to say, “she’s a great actress, but I disklike Chloe!”

We suspect that these Chloe-“haters” are more diehard Adam fans.

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