The Young and the Restless

Will Nikki Stand By Victor’s Side If She Learns What Victor Did to Adam?

Nikki and Victor on The Young and the RestlessNikki and Victor on The Young and the Restless

Nikki is sure to find herself in a major quandary, when she learns Victor actually did play a pivotal role in his son Adam’s death on The Young and the Restless.

No matter how far he goes or how unscrupulous the act, The Young and the Restless’ Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) always seems to stand by her man. That devotion, however, is bound to be tested, when she learns the major role Victor played in the circumstances leading up to Adam’s (Justin Hartley) death. Namely, that he collaborated with Chloe to bring down his own son.

Stands by Her Man
You’ve seen this plot before. Victor (Eric Braeden) does something horrid and seemingly unforgivable. Nikki rants and raves at him; then, ultimately forgives him. So, 63% of you think this time will be no different. Obviously, Nikki will be horrified to find out about Victor’s role in Adam’s demise, but she’ll still remain by his side, believing he already paid a dear price for his actions. After all, He lost his youngest son.

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Too Much to Handle
Surprisingly, 29% of you firmly believe this will be the last straw for Nikki. Once she learns Victor’s vindictiveness led him to plot and plan with the emotionally unbalanced Chloe, she’ll be furious. She’ll chastise her husband for his actions and put the blame for Adam’s death totally on him.

Who Knows?
This one’s impossible to call, say 8% of you. Obviously, Nikki won’t be happy, when she finds out the real story. It’s deplorable. However, she’s seen how torn up Victor has been over Adam’s death and may feel that he’s already received his comeuppance.

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