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Will Billy Come to Realize He May Be Bella’s Dad?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

The paternity of Chloe’s daughter Bella remains a mystery on The Young and the Restless.

Since returning to town with Bella, Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) has sidestepped questions about her little girl’s paternity. Longtime fans remember Chloe’s attempt to get Billy drunk to conceive a child with her a few years back. When that didn’t work, she stole his sperm sample from the hospital lab. Yet, there’s no proof that he’s actually her baby daddy. Soap Hub asked fans if you thought Billy might come to realize he could be Bella’s dad.

Daddy’s Girl
Billy (Jason Thompson) might start to wonder about Bella, once he spends some significant time with the girl, according to 67% of you. He’s already commented on how much she resembles Delia at her age. Couple that with his memories of how desperate Chloe was to conceive a child with him after Delia’s death, and it could stir up his suspicions.

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Nothing to Suspect
There’s no reason for Billy to be suspicious, say 26% of you. While he remembers Chloe’s attempts to get him drunk and seduce him, he also recalls giving her the heave ho before anything happened between them. As far as he’s concerned, Chloe’s claim that Bella’s father is another man sounds legitimate. So, he has no reason to doubt her story.

Time Will Tell
Some 7% of you don’t expect Billy to consider the possibility that he might be Bella’s dad, now. However, if Chloe continues to dodge questions and remain cryptic about the child’s father, he could start to put the pieces of this paternity puzzle together.

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