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Will Anyone Finally Discover Christian Is Not Nick’s Son?

Adam and Nick on The Young and RestlessAdam and Nick on The Young and Restless

Nick has been on cloud nine since he learned Christian is alive and got him back on The Young and the Restless.

Too bad the kid’s not really his son. The little boy is actually the product of Sage’s one-night-stand with Adam. Nick (Joshua Morrow) never knew about the fling, so has no reason to suspect Christian isn’t his child.

And Chelsea and Victor (Eric Braeden), the only two people who know the truth, have decided to keep mum about it. After all, they’ve reasoned that Adam would have wanted his brother to raise his child.

Some 6,000 of you weighed in on whether or not you think anyone else will find out the truth on The Young and the Restless.

All in Good Time
Secrets always have a way of coming out on daytime, and 75% of you don’t think this one will be any different. You believe the truth about Christian’s paternity will eventually be exposed, and, when it is, you expect major chaos to erupt.

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You also expect Nick to be absolutely furious at his father and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) for keeping the information from him.

Dead and Buried
No way is this secret ever coming out, according to 22% of you. It died along with Adam and will stay buried forever, just as it should. Nick was heartbroken after losing Christian and Sage.

Getting Christian back was an absolute miracle. Nick deserves to raise the tyke as his own.

Quite Conflicted
The remaining 3% of Y&R fans haven’t a clue how this story will play out. It took a year for Nick to find out Christian was alive.

It could take even longer for the bombshell that Adam is the boy’s father to be exposed. However, you could just as easily see it remaining a secret for years.

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