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Who Is Devon’s Soulmate on The Young and the Restless (YR)?


For a young guy, Devon has had been pretty time on The Young and the Restless (YR). He’s had several toxic relationships, and now that things seem to be going well with Mariah, he confided in Neil that he can’t commit and say he loves her.

Is Mariah (Camryn Grimes) the right woman for Devon, or is his heart telling him something his mind refuses to admit? Does Devon still love Hilary? Is there someone else?

Over 8,000 of you played Miss Lonleyhearts for the meandering millionaire.

They Call His Love Mariah
What is the matter with you, Devon (Bryton James), wonders 55% of the audience? You finally have a woman who doesn’t play games. Who doesn’t care about your money or what you can do for her career. Who is seriously into you.

(OK, so she kissed a girl. And so she liked it. But you don’t know that yet, so that’s no excuse.) You even have that whole growing up poor until you found out you were actually heirs upbringing in common. What exactly are you waiting for? How much better do you think you can do?

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New Edition
It’s starting to look like Mariah might not be all that into you, Devon, and 36% of you are being gentle when breaking the news. Plus, Hilary has moved on to the much hotter – and much cooler dude — Jordan (Darnell Kirkwood).

So maybe you should be thinking of landing someone new. Someone who wasn’t once married to your father, perhaps?

Not Over the Hill
Divorcing Hilary (Mishael Morgan) was a mistake, insist a minority 9%. Devon didn’t stop loving her, he was just mad about Hilary setting up Mariah. But that was a whim, not a lifelong commitment. And there’s still time for Devon to set things right–if he acts right now!

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