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What’s the Mysterious Graham REALLY Up To On The Young and the Restless (YR)?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

As soon as Jack, Ashley, and Traci met their mom, Dina’s, companion, Graham, they figured they had him pegged on The Young and the Restless (YR). Look, Mommy has a new boy toy! Again. Yawn.

But is that really all that Graham is? We explore the possibilities.

All the Lovers
Graham (Max Shippee) looks at Dina (Marla Adams) adoringly. They work together, they dine together, they room together.

Yup, Jack (Peter Bergman), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and Traci (Beth Maitland) have Graham pegged. He’s Dina’s May/December lover. Granted, he’s not as young as some of her former men, like say, 20-something Eric, the artist Dina and Ashley shared back in the 1980s.

But Dina isn’t getting any younger, either. So it still tracks. The actor playing Graham is 42. Marla Adams is 78. Her kids should be proud Mama is still such a cougar!

But let’s talk about Dina’s age for a moment in conjunction with her sudden desire to sell her company and forge a better relationship with her children and grandchildren.

Who else thinks that screams Terminal Illness?

Maybe Graham is actually Dr. Graham? And he’s traveling with Dina to keep her from collapsing in the middle of a board-meeting… or a family dinner.

Dying For Love

Hey, if Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) got her own shrink, why can’t Dina have her own… whatever the problem is-ist.

And Everywhere That Dina Went, Graham Was Sure To Follow
There’s also a third possibility. What if Graham isn’t Dina’s lover or her doctor? What if he’s her… jailer?

Dina is not exactly the most upstanding of citizens. Sure, cheating on your husband and abandoning your children is not a criminal offense. But it does suggest the woman’s morality is… fluid.

What if Dina committed some corporate crime (think Bernie Maddoff of Paris), and the penalty is liquidating her company… followed by jail time?

Dina is a charming minx. What if, as part of her plea-bargain, she convinced the authorities to let her say good-bye to her family. But Graham got sent along, to make sure it didn’t turn into a too long good-bye….

Tell us your thoughts!

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