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What In The Name Of The Young and the Restless Is Gloria Up To Now?

The Young and the Restless Gloria

Gloria Abbott Bardwell hasn’t been seen on The Young and the Restless for months, and when she does show up, it’s to make demands. She wants Sally Spectra’s old job, and if Lauren Fenmore Baldwin doesn’t want to give it to her, the reason can only be age discrimination. Oh, Gloria!

What Is The Young and the Restless’s Gloria Doing Now?

And not because Gloria (Judith Chapman) is a thief and a liar – with no experience. (Well, she’s experienced with thieving and lying on The Young and the Restless, not running an international conglomerate.) Why this? Why now? What is Gloria up to?

We Owe, We Owe, So Off To Work We Go

Remember when Gloria was stealing money from Newman? (Yeah, we’re a little fuzzy on the details, too, but there was a flash drive, and she hid it, and then Kevin found it, and then something happened, and then the story faded away.) Well, what if Gloria spent the money she embezzled…before she’d embezzled it. And now she’s in serious debt. And wants to run Lauren’s (Tracey Bregman) company. So she can embezzle from it, too.

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Sweet Smell Of Success on The Young and the Restless

Or maybe it’s the opposite? Maybe Gloria was so successful in her embezzling on The Young and the Restless, that she now has a bunch of money she wants to launder. And she wants to run Lauren’s company. So she can launder her illegal money through it.

Young and Ruthless

How dare Lauren insinuate that Gloria is no longer part of the young and hip demographic? Gloria is eternally young! So what if she’s a grandmother twice over! Gloria is also younger than her children. Yeah, you figure out how that works, Gloria is too busy having her finger on the pulse of the current generation. How can she prove it? Well, by making Millennials and Gen Z buy whatever it is she’s selling them. Even if Lauren isn’t.

What do you think Gloria’s latest corporate ambition is all about? Tuen in to find out! The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes. For more about what’s coming up in Genoa City, check out all the latest that’s been posted on Y&R spoilers, and for an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.

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