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Do You Think Hilary Sabotaged Mariah?

The Young and the RestlessThe Young and the Restless

Poor Mariah tripped and fell during a live fashion show segment of GC Buzz.

One minute, Mariah (Camryn Grimes) was proudly strutting her stuff in a Chelsea 2.0 gown on The Young and the Restless. The next, she was face down on the floor. After the fall, she glanced across the studio to see a suspicious looking Hilary glaring in her direction.

Hilary made it clear she was furious about Mariah taking over her hostess duties and predicted it would end in disaster. But would she really go so far as to sabotage her co-worker? Some 8000 fans responded and the results were heavily one-sided.

Have A Nice Trip
Hilary (Mishael Morgan) wanted to see Mariah fail — and fall, say 95% of you. As a result, you’re convinced she sabotaged her, although you’re not exactly sure how.


Sharon (Sharon Case) caught Hilary with one of Mariah’s shoes in hand before the show and was able to prevent her from tampering with its stiletto heel. Yet, knowing Hilary as you do, you believe she came up with another way to ruin her adversary’s performance.

An Innocent Slip
Mariah tripped over her own two feet, according to 5% of fans. Remember, she expressed her hesitancy about walking around in those super high heels before the show.

It was crystal clear she was uncomfortable standing in them, let alone prancing around in them on camera. She obviously tumbled, because she lost her footage. Hilary is not to blame – at least not this time.

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