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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember John Abbott

The Young and the Restless John Abbott August 15, 2019The Young and the Restless John Abbott

Kyle’s wedding on The Young and the Restless — like all Abbott family events — is not complete as late patriarch John Abbott isn’t there to celebrate with his family. Still, he’ll never be forgotten by his children or fans of the show.

John loved his family and did everything he could to keep his squabbling kids together — to let them know how important they all were to him. Here’s a look back at John Abbott (Jerry Douglas) and the impact he made and the legacy he left behind.

Family Values
John wanted his son, Jack to settle down and Jack so wanted his father’s approval despite the fact that he had zero interest in settling down. To make his father happy, Jack wed naïve Patty Williams. Much to John’s dismay, Jack couldn’t give up his playboy ways.

Jack And Jill Went Up A Hill
John’s life was thrown into turmoil after he learned his wife Jill cheated on him — but it was so much worse to realize she did so with his own son! A bitter divorce followed, but Jill wasn’t out of his life — she negotiated a position at Jabot Cosmetics as part of the settlement.

Love Story
John did manage to love again — he fell in love with AIDS-stricken Jessica, Cricket’s mother. In fact, he loved her so much, he let his dying bride go so that she could marry Cricket’s dad Jim and give her daughter her fondest wish.

John And Jill Went Up A Hill
John and Jill married for a second time, and she gave birth to their son, Billy. Mamie, the loyal family maid, fell in love with John. But this union was as doomed as the first one as John and Jill split a second time. John made amends with ex-wife Dina and was thrilled when the family won Jabot Cosmetics back from Victor Newman.

Calling Gloria
Lonely John fell for sultry Gloria Fisher. Alas, John went to jail for killing Glo’s ex, Tom. He was released early but then died of stroke complications in 2006. For a while, John returned as a spirit, lending advice to his kids. Billy named his son, Johnny, after his late dad. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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