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The Young and the Restless Wayback: Remember Avery

The Young and the Restless AveryThe Young and the Restless Avery

It seems as if everyone throughout soap opera history has a sibling. Viewers of The Young and the Restless learned that Phyllis Summers has a sister when Avery Bailey Clark, played by Daytime Emmy-winner Jessica Collins, came to town. Here’s a look back at the legal eagle’s Genoa City tenure.

Sister Act
The name “Avery Bailey Clark” led some to believe that she was connected to Nick’s nemesis Matt Clark, but Avery turned out to be Phyllis’s sister. Attorney Avery championed underdogs after her father had been convicted of swindling folks out of their savings. Victor brought Avery to town to defend Sharon from a murder charge.

Summers End
Avery’s efforts to reconnect with Phyllis were hampered by her romance with her sister’s ex, Nick. Workwise, she took on clients including Daisy (who shared a baby, Lucy, with Avery’s nephew Daniel) and Ricky Williams, Paul’s son. Nick strayed from Avery and wound up back in her sister’s bed.

Saying Goodbye
Avery visited her father, who was on his deathbed. She asked for Phyllis’s forgiveness after their dad admitted his crimes before he died. Avery used money from her late dad’s estate to pay restitution to his victims.

No Defense
Avery represented Paul for his justified killing of his son. Next, Avery defended Phyllis, who was finally brought to court for running down Christine and Paul with a rental car many years ago. Avery dropped her sister as a client after finding out that Phyllis was guilty.

Joe Clark came to town, and Avery’s past with him was explored. Their marriage fell apart when they stopped communicating. Tragedy struck when Phyllis fell down a flight of stairs and was sent to an island off the coast of Georgia for treatment.

You Gotta Have Faith
Nick and Avery’s biggest obstacle, at times, was his daughter, Faith (with Sharon), who didn’t want her father with the attractive attorney. On the day of Nick and Avery’s wedding, she opted to lend support to her ex-lover, Dylan, who had turned up alive after being reported dead. Dylan learned he was not the father of Chelsea’s baby, earning him Avery’s attention on her big day, so Nick called things off.

Bon Appetite!
Avery’s interest in cooking led to a web series titled “You Are Being Served,” a nod to her legal background. Her cameraman, Austin, blamed Avery for his mother’s death after a client she got off killed Austin’s mother, Mary. Avery felt partial sympathy for Austin after seeing that he was troubled and her niece Summer had fallen for the handsome man.

Partners In Crime
Avery took on a new law partner (Michael) after her old one (Leslie) moved on to a gig as assistant district attorney. Avery was stunned, as was everyone else, when a recovered Phyllis showed up at Nick and Sharon’s wedding.

Dylan proposed marriage to Avery and she accepted. But then, Avery and Joe were trapped in a cave-in at Nick’s club, The Underground. Avery and Dylan fought – she didn’t like him spending time with Sharon and he didn’t like her hanging out with Joe.

Making A Move
Joe’s paralysis led to Avery feeling sorry for him. She was furious when she learned Joe was faking. Next, Avery believed that Joe had raped her. She forced him at gunpoint to admit what he’d done.

But Dylan informed Avery that the police caught a serial rapist, her true attacker. Avery was arrested after using her gun to fire two shots into the air. She left both Dylan and Genoa City to get away from everything, promising to return someday. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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