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The Young and the Restless History: Remember Sage

The Young and the Restless SageThe Young and the Restless Sage

Her time in soap opera history and on The Young and the Restless was, sadly, brief, but Sage Warner Newman, played by Emmy-nominee Kelly Sullivan, left her mark in Genoa City… and left behind her son, Christian, who was fathered by Adam and is being raised by Nick.

Who Was Sage on The Young and the Restless?

Sage was all about duplicity when she was introduced to the canvas. She was helping Adam Newman, recovering from injuries he sustained in a car wreck and subsequent plastic surgery (to make himself look like the late Gabriel Bingham), so that Gabe’s grandmother, Constance, would believe her grandson was still alive. Sage proved she wasn’t all bad when she helped rescue Nick from a bear trap after he’d gone on a brief sabbatical.

The lies were back on after Sage and “Gabriel” (AKA Adam) integrated themselves into Genoa City society. Adam and Gabriel had something in common – a hatred of Victor as Constance maintained Victor had driven Gabe’s dad to kill himself over business dealings.

The Plot Thickens
Sage was legally wed to the real Gabriel, so Adam pretended to keep that charade going as it provided a cover for him but that didn’t stop Adam from pursuing Chelsea, who was involved with Billy. Meanwhile, Sage fell for Nick, who learned this was the woman who saved him from the bear trap. Sage’s obstacles were Nick’s dynamic with Sharon and also Faith not taking it well that her dad had a new woman in his life.

Close Encounters

Adam and Sage moved into an apartment across from Billy and Chelsea. Billy invited his neighbors to live in the Abbott home after a fire (that Adam saved Billy from) damaged their dwellings. Sage was happy when Nick won custody of Faith despite Sharon trying to leverage their dynamic in her favor.

Sage wasn’t happy over Adam and Chelsea growing closer as her own feelings for Nick continued to increase. Things heated up as Nick and Sage bonded after surviving a collapse at his club, The Underground. Sage told Chelsea that her husband was in love with her. Eventually, Chelsea learned that “Gabriel” was Adam. Initially, she kept his secret.

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Enough Is Enough on The Young and the Restless
Sage decided she’d had enough and split from Adam. The inheritance from Constance was sent to some charities instead. Hoping to have a future with Nick, Sage was devastated when he called it off. Unfortunately, she and Adam had a one-night fling, resulting in her pregnancy with Christian.

Nick believed he was the dad, so he and Sage reconciled. Nick did learn that Sage’s baby could be “Gabe’s” – still not knowing Gabe was his half-brother. Ordained wedding officiator Kyle (!) performed Nick and Sage’s ceremony as they became husband and wife.

The End of Sage Newman

Dr. Anderson (AKA Sandra Allen, a high school flame of Nick’s) stole Christian, Sage’s son, and gave the infant to Sharon and Dylan, who believed the boy was their son Sully. Sage Newman learned the truth and confronted Sharon, who also knew that the child’s true identity.

She begged for time to break the news to Dylan. An emotional Sage drove off to tell Nick the truth. She tried calling him from her car but dropped the phone. Distracted trying to retrieve her phone caused Sage to swerve and crash her car. She died from her injuries.

In her will, Sage left Adam a letter informing him that he was indeed Christian’s father. Adam burned the letter in his fireplace. Sharon imagined Sage appeared to her as a spirit, urging her to tell Nick the truth about Christian. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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