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The Young and the Restless Recap: Farewells And Devious Plots

The Young and the Restless RecapThe Young and the Restless Recap

The Young and the Restless recap for March 23-27, 2020, features a few characters learning valuable lessons while many others falter.

The Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

There’s an old proverb that claims a man is judged not by his words but by his deeds. Adam (Mark Grossman) would be wise to head that inherent truth. With the same breath he used to swear his undying allegiance to Victor (Eric Braeden), he also conspired with Alyssa (Maria DiDomenico) to expose him as killer.

Billy and The Abbotts

Likewise, Billy (Jason Thompson) insisted that he is a reformed man out to prove his worth to the world and yet he continued to bullheadedly reject every presented opportunity to practice what he preaches. How on earth does Lily Winters (Christel Khalil), his new business partner, put up with him?

Contrarily, the other Abbott children cast aside decades of pent up frustrations in order to care for the dying mother who abandoned them and who knew in her final lucid days that there was nothing she could say or write that would truly undo the damage that she had wrought.

YR Musings

Place your bets now. Will Jared (Michael Maclane) be merely shuffled off to a New Hope abode or will he find lodging with one of his new benefactors? Surely the young man presents Devon (Bryton James) the perfect opportunity to pay it forward. Or perhaps Nate (Sean Dominic) could use a roommate?

Adam: “Oh, I can’t imagine [Hope] would approve of the way Victor’s treated me over the years. Then again, I don’t think she would approve of some of my actions either.” No, probably not. Considering the fact that you’re a manslaughtering, baby-switching attempted murderer.

Adam: “I own a stake in an online news outlet…” Sure, that’s all the better to print that upcoming tell-all about Victor’s supposed shady dealings in Kansas but…since when? Last we heard, you had a stake in a video game company…not news.

Nikki: “Despite the picture that Adam paints of his idyllic upbringing, he sold his birthplace to start a hedge fund. You’re the one who stepped up to preserve it.” Raise your hand if you remembered Adam selling of his “beloved” farm.

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Alyssa: “If our suspicions turn out to be accurate, my father killed for money. Your father killed to protect you.” Boy, Adam really doesn’t have the moral high ground here, does he?

Nicholas: “My dad’s paid for what he’s done.” When? Do you mean that time he spent what amounted to a few months in jail and ended with his release after he coerced an infirmary physician into getting romantically involved with him?

Billy: “You’re a temp for your dad.” Nicholas: “Well you work for your mom.” Wow, are these businessmen or school children? At least we can agree that Nicholas emerged the victor, yes?

Billy: “It’s not like we have anyone to go home to.” Lily: “Oh, God. It’s so pathetic how empty our lives have become.” Um, forgive us for asking, but whatever happened to Sam – you know, Cane’s child with the late Julie Helton whom he and Lily chose to raise together. Did Cane just carry him along on his overseas jaunt to track down Devon’s billions?

Jill: “Any day is a good day when you don’t have to pretend you’re grieving a dead husband who isn’t really dead, right?” Nikki: “Well, I guess faking his own death is the one con your husband never pulled. Or is Colin your ex now? I cannot keep track.”

Ah, Jill and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are snipping at each other and suddenly all is right with the world. Epic love story with Victor aside, wouldn’t it have been nice if these two had remained sisters-in-law?

Which one of Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) future predictions seems the most likely? Nicholas retired and raising horses, Faith being a proud momma to triplets, or Summer ruling Newman Enterprises…surely it must have been Victoria (Amelia Heinle) pulling a Dina (Marla Adams) by traveling to Europe and establishing an empire.

What do you think Dina was so desperate to say to Mamie? Was it simply a command from the lady of the manor to a servant or was there something more profound? The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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