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The Young and the Restless Is Casting A New Leading Man

A casting breakdown has gone out for the contract role of “Derek” for The Young and the Restless. Soap Hub has the details on who the next leading man in Genoa City could be!

The Young and the Restless’ Casting Call

The character the CBS soap is looking for is described as being in his “mid-30s. White male, All-American. He’s an incredibly attractive and physically fit leading man. He’s a playful, roguish adventurer. Has seen enough to be jaded but strong enough to remain at heart an optimist. Tough-minded when he needs to be, yet isn’t afraid to show his emotions to get his point across.”

The role is a contract part, but the show isn’t looking to bring this guy on right away. The start date is listed for later in the year.

No word yet on if “Derek” is a new character or if this will be someone who is already familiar to YR fans. There have been other “Derek’s” on the show before but one spelled his name differently.

There was Dereck Stuart, who was played by Ken Olandt back in 1989. Dereck, who worked at Jabot, date-raped Cricket. He went on trial and was found guilty. The storyline propelled Cricket (Lauralee Bell) into a career in law and propelled Dereck out a window. While trying to attack Cricket again after the verdict, Dereck, rather than go to prison, jumped out a window to his death.

Another “Derek” on the show, earlier in YR’s run, was Derek Thurston, who was played by three different actors: Joe La Due, Caleb Stoddard, and Jeff Cooper.

Derek Thurston was a hairdresser and cosmetologist who managed The Golden Comb, a salon where Jill worked as a manicurist. Katherine (Jeanne Cooper), a patron at the salon, got Derek drunk and married him. If he agreed to stay with her for a year, she’d give him enough money to open his own business.

Derek’s unbalanced wife Suzanne Lynch (played by future Guiding Light writer Ellen Weston) poisoned Katherine and she was believed dead. For a while, Derek thought he’d inherited Chancellor Industries. He decided to marry Jill (Jess Walton). A very-much-alive Katherine showed up at Derek and Jill’s wedding and reclaimed her fortune and Derek. She later divorced him after falling for a man named Felipe (Victor Mohica).

Soap Hub will share details on this new Derek’s casting as details become available. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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