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Five Dallas Stars Who Appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful


Dallas premiered on April 2, 1978. For 14 seasons on CBS, two reunion movies, a prequel, and a revival for a few years on TNT, the Ewings, Cliff Barnes, and their family, friends, and foes entertained millions, telling epic sagas set against the backdrop of the oil industry.

Dallas Stars Who Had Roles on The Bold and the Beautiful

Many actors passed through Dallas over the decades. Some of them also appeared on The Bold and the Beautiful! In honor of Dallas’ 43rd anniversary, Soap Hub shares the following list of stars who have been to both Los Angeles and Dallas!

1. Morgan Fairchild

Her appearances on both shows were brief. In fact, Fairchild only did one appearance on Dallas during its entire run. She originated the role of Jenna Wade, Bobby’s ex-flame. The part was later played briefly by Francine Tacker (The Paper Chase) and for a much lengthier run by Priscilla Presley. On BB, Fairchild played Dorothy for a few episodes in 2009.

2. Lesley Woods

What’s a soap opera without a secret first wife? In the show’s third season, Jock (Jim Davis) and Miss Ellie (Barbara Bel Geddes) visited Jock’s first wife Amanda (Lesley Woods), who’d had a breakdown after marrying Jock. He made the difficult decision to institutionalize her.

Amanda drew a blank when she saw Jock, but to show how she’d gotten stuck in time when she saw Bobby (Patrick Duffy), Jock’s son, she called out his name and went running into his arms, still imagining Jock as the young man she had wed.

On BB, Woods created the role of Grandma Logan. She played the part for the show’s first few years and then reprised the part again over a decade later to attend one of Brooke’s (Katherine Kelly Lang) many weddings.

3. Patrick Duffy

Speaking of Duffy, he was so beloved on Dallas, the show’s producers wiped from continuity an entire season (and a very dramatic and well-acted one at that) to turn the clock back and bring Bobby back to life. There were continuity gaffs galore, but the upside was that Bobby was back among the living.

On BB, Duffy took over the role of Brooke’s father Stephen from actor Robert Pine. What did both Bobby and Stephen have in common? A love named “Pam” — on Dallas, it was Victoria Principal (Pam) and on BB, it was Alley Mills (Pam).

4. Linda Gray

Emmy-nominated for her run as Sue Ellen Ewing on Dallas, Gray played out many dramatic arcs on the nighttime soap. Sue Ellen battled alcoholism, had an affair with a younger man, ran her own business, and drove her husband J.R.’s (Larry Hagman) mistress out of town.

Gray reprised Sue Ellen for the TNT revival series during which time Sue Ellen gave a heartbreaking eulogy at J.R.’s funeral. In between, she played Priscilla Kelly, Samantha’s (Sydney Penny) controlling mama on BB.

5. Susan Flannery

Before being cast as BB’s Stephanie Forrester, a role that won her three Daytime Emmys for Outstanding Leading Actress in a Drama Series, Flannery was a cast member of Dallas for one season. Her character, Leslie Stewart, a public relations whiz who tried to polish J.R.’s much-tarnished image.

She soon realized that newspaper ads touting Ewing Oil’s concern about the environment and J.R. doing interviews in respected business publications didn’t mean squat compared to J.R. getting the cartel the rights back to some overseas oil wells. Money talks. Leslie walked.

What are your memories of these Dallas stars that came to BB? Sound off in the comments below. The Bold and the Beautiful (BB) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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