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The Young and the Restless Daddy Dilemma: Don’t Do It, Devon

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Abby can’t carry a child on The Young and the Restless. Her new husband, Chance, doesn’t have working sperm. So, this pair has a real problem getting pregnant with a child of their own. Compounding this problem is Chance just vanishing from town with just a note to go on a secret mission.

The Young and the Restless Is Going There

But that’s okay. Abby (Melissa Ordway) is going to have a baby anyway. She’s just going to have Mariah (Camryn Grimes) carry this baby and find a sperm donor to create it. Without the man who is supposed to one day be its legal father.

This story is so complicated already that even the writers and actors seemed to acknowledge it when Abby swept into Society for a Newman family dinner, stole the spotlight, and explained it all while barely taking a breath. Victor (Eric Braeden) even had to excuse himself from the main dining room as Abby went on and on about her new plan lest she’d see the look on his face.

And now…now Devon clearly wants to insert himself in the middle of this. The anvil was dropped with a thud as Abby and Nina (Tricia Cast, who now seems to be playing the role of Chance) looked through a binder full of anonymous sperm donors. Juxtaposed with those scenes were scenes with Mariah and Devon (Bryton James) discussing what Mariah is about to do while also reminiscing about what a picky eater Abby is. Picky Abby, you say. How will she ever choose a donor without knowing everything about him?

Still, we did not want to believe this was where YR was going, but yep, this is where they are going. And Amanda (Mishael Morgan) might want to run — and fast — as there was Devon on Friday telling her what he’s been thinking about. And he’s been thinking about Abby…and her sperm and uterus quandary… and Mariah and how she is…helping out. Hey, perhaps Devon could help too.

Okay, back up. No, Devon. Do not help here. Your life is complicated enough. You just slept with your ex-girlfriend, who slept with your cousin, thus causing your breakup. Then, you slept with your dead wife’s identical twin soon after, as if that’s not weird at all. Let’s not forget when that dead wife died she was pregnant with Devon’s child after he agreed to be her…sperm donor, except they went about things the old-fashioned way.

We must also remember that Devon has slept with both Abby and Mariah, so making a baby with Abby’s egg and housing that baby in Mariah’s uterus for nine months might become more awkward than sleeping with your dead wife’s identical twin.

Soaps are all about complicated. We get it. We already explained why this might not be the best life choice for Mariah, but perhaps this isn’t the best life choice for Devon either. But does that matter as long as Abby gets her baby? We guess we are about to find out. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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