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The Young and the Restless Character Recap: Tessa Porter

The Young and the Restless Tessa PorterThe Young and the Restless Tessa Porter

Tessa Porter — a talented musician/singer/songwriter to be sure, but she’s also one of The Young and the Restless’ most complicated and frustrating characters.

Who Is Tessa Porter?

With a drunkard for a father and mother who was a drug-addicted walkabout, Tessa frequently found herself assuming the role of parent around her younger sister Crystal. When life finally became too unbearable, she packed a pick and her guitar and promised to return for her sibling when she had the money and position in society to do so.

In time, her journey took her to Genoa City, Wisconsin but not before she made the acquaintance of, toured with, married, and divorced fellow musician Tanner Watts.

With her trusty guitar and golden pipes, Tessa successfully panhandled outside Crimson Lights and found a benefactress in society matron Nikki Newman, who hired her as both a guitar tutor for Reed Hellstrom and a personal assistant.

Nikki even insisted on giving Tessa shelter when she discovered that the young woman was sleeping in her car. While performing at an open mic night at Nicholas Newman’s club The Underground, Tessa met his son Noah and the pair eventually began to date.

Around the same time, Tessa was signed by Devon Hamilton to work for his new recording label and found herself being pursued by his girlfriend Mariah Copeland. When the women shared a kiss, Tessa pulled away and insisted that she wasn’t interested.

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Trouble, Trouble
Meanwhile, Crystal made her way to Genoa City and revealed to Tessa that she was fleeing a dangerous sex ring. Eventually, it was discovered that Abby Newman’s beau, a man Tessa recognized from her old Chicago neighborhood, was the villain responsible for Crystal’s plight. The young woman shot him dead with a gun Tessa procured for her by stealing it from Nikki’s safe.

In the midst of this chaos, Tessa admitted to Mariah that their kiss had indeed meant something to her but she also cautioned that nothing could ever come of it. Further straining the women’s relationship was Tessa’s decision to pilfer Mariah’s diary and set some of her writings to music in a bid to pass them off as original compositions.

Mariah retaliated by publicly admitting to the kiss which resulted in Noah dumping Tessa. In time the animosity lessened, and thanks to the machinations of Kyle Abbott, the duo eventually copped to their feelings for one another and became an official couple.

Tessa Porter – Queen of Bad Decisions

After answering a call from Crystal who begged for help, Tessa briefly left town and returned in serious strife. Her predicament led her to blackmail Sharon, Nikki, Phyllis, and Victoria for covering up JT’s supposed murder.

The incident nearly destroyed “Teriah” but they managed to weather that as well as the truth about Tessa and Tanner’s long-ago union. To her credit, Mariah even encouraged her girlfriend to accompany the now famous singer on his latest countrywide tour — which is what Tessa is currently doing. The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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