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Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: Nikki Frames Adam

Anything to keep Victoria and Nick safe on Y&R.

y&r spoilers have nikki newman going after adam newman.Is Nikki Newman targeting Adam Newman?

Y&R spoilers present a Victor who is convinced that if he keeps faking dementia long enough, one of his kids will show their true colors and move to usurp him from his CEO throne. The thought that his children could honestly be concerned about his health and the future of the company he built has yet to even cross Victor’s mind.

Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation

This whole mess tells us exactly what Victor (Eric Braeden) thinks of his children. No matter how many times he growls that family is the most important thing, it’s not. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), on the other hand, sees no need for this ruse. She knows who the most evil of Victor’s children is: It’s obviously Adam (Mark Grossman). You know, the one she didn’t give birth to. How far will Nikki go to prove it?

Why Now, Blonde Wow?

Nikki has never been a huge fan of Adam’s. To be fair, there are many, many reasons to dislike Adam, just look at his past. Yet, she’s also more or less tried to get along with him, for Victor’s sake. She truly seems to care about his son, Connor (Judah Mackey), not to mention Christian, Adam’s biological child, who is being raised as Nick’s (Joshua Morrow).

That’s why we’re confused about why she’s suddenly morphed into the Evil Stepmother, badmouthing Adam behind his back — and to his face. Just like whenever the lady doth protest too much, it’s obvious that Nikki is so scared. She’s terrified Victor’s scheme will out one of her own precious babies. So much so that she’s willing to do anything to ensure it doesn’t come to that. But how anything is anything?

Young and the Restless: Last Resort

We’re thinking anything, anything. As in framing Adam to make it look like he betrayed Victor. Then, going along with Victor’s plan to disinherit him…knowing all the while that he’s not responsible. We think she’s ready to start fabricating calls to doctors and even legal documents that make it seem like Adam is taking Victor to court to have him declared incompetent. Anything to protect her Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Nicholas. Anything.

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