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Y&R Spoilers Wild Speculation: Christine Has a Long-Lost Child

Here’s how Christine Williams could still become a mother on Y&R.

Y&R spoilers make it seem like Christine has something to hide. Lauralee Bell has played Christine (AKA Cricket) for 40 years and recently the show honored her with a special episode that hit all the notes and gave all the feels. Christine looked back on all the big moments in her life, which included lamenting the loss of the child she miscarried, and also, she regretted that she never had any children. But…what if she did?

Y&R Spoilers: Secret Baby

Christine examined many aspects of her life in the Y&R retrospect show. She reconnected with pal Nina (Tricia Cast) and ex-husband Danny (Michael Damian). In addition to looking back at her relationships with those two, she also reflected on her dynamics with nemesis Phyllis (Michelle Stafford), former colleague and ex-fiancé Michael (Christian Le Blanc), and her ex-husband Paul (Doug Davidson).

Viewers were reminded of the time Christine lost her and Paul’s baby. While Nina and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) tried to cheer their pal up over her never having had a child of her own, Christine couldn’t quite go there. (After all, both Nina and Lauren have two sons each, respectively, Ronan and Chance; and Scott and Fenmore.)

What Happened in Hong Kong, Stays in Hong Kong

However, it’s interesting to note that Bell’s 40-year run as Christine wasn’t uninterrupted. The actress took breaks over the years during which her TV character was in Hong Kong. It was around this time that Chris had been involved with Michael and Paul. She broke off her engagement to Michael after finding out he’d used Isabella (Eva Longoria) to help break up her and Paul. His plan worked, too. Chris lost Paul to Isabella — and almost her life, too, after she tried to frame Chris for her murder and then kill her with a knife.

What if Chris had found out that she was expecting either Michael or Paul’s child while she was living in Hong Kong? Soaps have gotten creative when pregnancies could have taken place with the show’s leading female characters. For example, One Life to Live‘s Viki (Erika Slezak) had a daughter Megan (Jessica Tuck) when she was living as alter-ego Nikki Smith!

Eileen Fulton’s Lisa took a several-month break between the end of her nighttime soap opera Our Private World and when she returned to As the World Turns. A few decades later, the show’s then-head writer, Douglas Marland, created a tale in which Lisa gave birth while she was away from Oakdale. There are many other examples of this happening in serials over the years. If a scribe can pinpoint a period of time in a character’s past that she could have had a baby, then, the stage has been set.

Y&R’s Spoilers: Mother and Child Reunion

If Chris had discovered in Hong Kong that she was pregnant with either Michael’s or Paul’s child (or even Danny’s?), she might have kept it secret while she figured out how she was going to tell the child’s father. It’s not likely that Chris would have given a child up for adoption. Perhaps, it had been stolen after it was born and Chris was told that the baby had died.

Not wanting to cause pain to the baby’s father, Chris might have chosen to keep the journey she took secret from everyone. We’ve seen babies be taken from their mothers without their knowledge. Bold and the Beautiful‘s Hope believed that her daughter Beth had died only to find out later that that wasn’t the case and that Baby Beth was alive. We’re not sure how Chris would learn a baby she had a long time ago would still be alive. The child would be close to young adulthood now in all probability.

So while Chris may not get to raise a baby from birth, it’s quite conceivable (no pun intended) that there’s a long-lost child out there with whom she could someday be reunited. Think this wild speculation could really happen? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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