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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Sharon Rosales Refuses To Get Help

Will take hitting rock bottom on Y&R for her to change her mind?

y&r spoilers speculation that sharon won't get help.Will Shaaron get the Y&R help she may need?

Y&R spoilers are suggesting this past month hasn’t been the worst that Sharon Rosales has ever suffered through. Sure, a crazy psycho from her past stalked her, dug a tunnel into her home, killed her daughter’s cat, and then sat her bound and gagged daughter on a bomb.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Oh, and then Sharon killed him. But has she been through worse? Yeah. Kind of. Still, the damage is cumulative. And Nick is right. She needs to be checked up on. Maybe by someone a bit more professional than her ex-husband? Will Sharon seek the help we’re pretty sure she needs?

Sharon Rosales: Do As I Say

Sharon (Sharon Case) is a certified therapist herself, 20% of you remind. Which means no way will she turn to a fellow professional. Doctors are terrible at going to the doctors, teachers are terrible at learning lessons, and those trained to diagnose mental health conditions always assume they have their own under control. Sharon will try to be her own healer. And it won’t go well.

Y&R Spoilers: Smart Enough

That’s a stupid and outdated stereotype, 31% of the fans dismiss. Of course, Sharon will get help. She has before. She knows that she has bipolar disorder, and that’s nothing to full around with. She will see her psychiatrist and her psychologist, and she will do what they tell her because she knows better.

Rock Bottom

But, then again, almost half of the audience, 49%, expect for things to get worse before they get better. Sharon will assume she can handle whatever comes her way because she knows what warning signs to look out for. She’ll channel her own worries into concern over Faith (Reylynn Caster), Nick (Joshua Morrow), Adam (Mark Grossman), and even Sally (Courtney Hope). And she won’t recognize that she’s spiraling until something shocks her back to sanity. Only then will she agree to seek real help.

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