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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Phyllis Turns On Summer And Daniel

Will Summer and Daniel regret not believing in their mom on Y&R?

y&r spoilers speculation that phyllis turns on summer and daniel.Summer, Phyllis, and Daniel.

Y&R spoilers have made it obvious to anyone who is paying attention that Phyllis learned nothing from her legal ordeal. She continues to believe that she did nothing wrong, and now that the legal system has basically given her a pat on the head and a kiss on the cheek, there is no evidence to convince her otherwise.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: I Told You So

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) continues to believe that she was forced to do everything she did by Diane (Susan Walters). She’s not the villain. She’s the victim. And she’s a martyr, too. She didn’t even do it for herself. She did it for her children. And, because she is such a wonderful person, she will even magnanimously give up her vendetta against Diane. Please clap for her. And drink that toast Lauren (Tracey Bregman) offered, damn it!

Young and the Restless: New Project

After watching Phyllis on and off through the decades, if there is one thing we know, it’s that Phyllis cannot live her life if she isn’t plotting against…somebody. She only feels alive if she is seeking revenge. But since she won’t be targeting Diane anymore — again with the clapping, please – Phyllis needs a new prey. Hey, how about her children?

Y&R Spoilers: Two For the Road

Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Summer (Allison Lanier) refuse to keep buying what Phyllis is selling. They actually dared call her out on her bad deeds and refused to kiss and make up. Well, Phyllis understands. She understands that being mad at her will be the most devastating thing that has ever happened to her babies. And Phyllis is here to make those boo-boos better.

Because she is a giver, Phyllis will help her children no longer be angry with her. She’ll give them the same treatment that she gave Diane. She will force them to see that she only wants what’s best for them. And she will do that by making them miserable. And then she’ll make it all better. What are loving moms for?

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