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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Phyllis Serves Hard Time For Her Crimes

Could justice finally be served on Y&R?

y&r spoilers speculation with chance arresting phyllis.Will Phyllis Summers serve time?

Y&R spoilers suggested that this time, as opposed to all the other times, Phyllis was really and truly ready to turn herself in. Sure, she’s still planning to blame everything she did, from faking her own death to actually killing her co-conspirator on the said co-conspirator, who is conveniently dead.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

But there are still a few other charges hanging over her head, such as fraud, conspiracy, falsifying evidence, etc…. (Though breaking up her daughter’s marriage and nearly driving Summer [Allison Lanier] to a nervous breakdown is, unfortunately, not something the law can punish her for.) But will Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) end up serving any actual hard time? Here’s what almost 5,000 voters predicted will happen to her!

Phyllis Summers: Guilty As Charged

Only 4% of you foresee that Phyllis will be thrown into prison and the key tossed into a dark pit. What she did was unforgivable. To Summer, most of all. If she’s allowed to get away with everything, it will be hard to take any other crime committed in Genoa City seriously ever again.

Y&R Spoilers: You Owe Me

Heather (Vail Bloom) will get Phyllis out of this, 47% predict. Why? Because Heather owes her. Phyllis never liked her son’s girlfriend. And that’s Heather’s fault. As we’ve well learned over the past year, anyone who Phyllis has an issue with, that’s their fault, never hers. Heather should be ecstatic for this opportunity to make up to Phyllis for existing, for loving Phyllis’s son, and for raising Phyllis’s granddaughter. And Phyllis will make sure Heather never forgets it.

Short Y&R Visit

It was close, but 49% of the audience squeaked out a win for Phyllis will go to jail…but only briefly. She’ll sob, she’ll beat her chest, she’ll throw herself on the ground and explain how she was forced to do this. By Jeremy (James Hyde). By Diane (Susan Walters). By her love for Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Summer. No one will believe her, of course. But her fellow inmates, and even the prison guards, will be so sick of hearing from her that they’ll vote to have Phyllis released on good behavior. And she will have won…yet again.

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