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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Phyllis Double-Crosses Tucker

Why Phyllis can’t help herself on Y&R.

y&r spoilers speculation phyllis and tucker.Tucker McCall and Phyllis Summers.

Do you really need Y&R spoilers speculation to know that Phyllis is about to make Tucker sorry he ever trusted her? Is there a person in Genoa City who isn’t sorry they ever trusted her? That includes Jack, Nick, and Summer. And Phyllis actually claims to like/love those people. She has no warm, fuzzy feelings for Tucker. The minute she can think of a way to throw him under the bus in order to achieve her own goals, she is so going to go for it.

Y&R Spoilers: Money Talks

Sure, you’d think Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) would play nice, considering how badly she needs money. Jack (Peter Bergman) isn’t floating her a loan. Neither is Nick (Joshua Morrow). Neither is Summer (Allison Lanier). Tucker (Trevor St. John) is one of the few people willing to be publicly seen with her. Why would she turn him against her? Because, as the scorpion said to the turtle, “It is my nature.”

The Young and the Restless: Trading Places

The only way betraying Tucker would make sense for Phyllis is if she could trade his allyship for Billy’s (Jason Thompson). Billy is a better guy to keep in her back pocket. Not only is he an Abbott and an ex, but he is much easier for Phyllis to manipulate. And that’s the primary criteria she uses for her friendships.

Y&R: I Gotta Be Me

But the main reason why Phyllis will double-cross Tucker is because she can’t help herself. Phyllis hates herself so much that she automatically hates anyone who even considers loving her. Look what she has done to the men in her life. Look what she has done to her children. She’s nearly destroyed all of them.

Phyllis doesn’t love Tucker. But she does think he’s a fool for trusting her. Phyllis always needs to be right. So she’ll prove what a fool he is. She’ll tell herself she did it because she’s a mastermind who can get the best of anyone. But it’s really just because she’s plain, old nuts. And pathetic.

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