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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Nikki Gets Sally Away From Nick

Will the soft touch work where money failed on Y&R?

y&r spoilers speculation of nikki getting sally away from nick.Will Nikki Newman succeed where her husband has failed?

Y&R spoilers make it quite clear that Nikki is no happier about the idea of her son hanging out with his brother’s baby mama than Victor is. Except where Victor comes barrelling in, throwing money around, and offering to buy Sally unborn daughter, Nikki has a much more subtle approach. One that’s, you know, actually more likely to achieve results.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Mommy’s Little Boy

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) and namesake son, Nick (Joshua Morrow), have always had a special relationship. Nikki and daughter Victoria (Amelia Heinle) have been butting heads since Victoria came back from boarding school, and Nikki flat out forgot having an older son.

Which is why Nick is more likely to listen to his mom than to his dad. But not about Sally (Courtney Hope). Nick has dug his heels in and insisted, “Who cares if she’s pregnant with Adam’s (Mark Grossman) child? I’ll show him who’s boss!”

Young & Restless: Soft Sell

So Nick is a lost cause. But Sally is still in play. And where Victor (Eric Braeden) failed, Nikki might well succeed. She won’t throw money around. She won’t bluster. She won’t even give an ultimatum. Instead, Nikki will have a nice chat with Sally, woman to woman. They both care about Nick, don’t they? They both want him to be happy, don’t they?

Y&R Spoilers: Family First

Well, surely, Sally realizes that Nick can’t be happy when things are so unsettled in his family. This situation with Victor and a disapproving Victoria is tearing Nick apart. Sad face, sad face, question mark.

Can Sally think of anything she might do to help the situation? Nikki is coming to her for help because she truly believes Sally has Nick’s best interests at heart.

What’s that you say, Sally, dear? You don’t want to see Nick unhappy? You’ve given it some thought, and you’ve decided that the best thing you can do for the man you care about is to break it off, so he can reconcile with his family? What a brilliant idea! Nikki couldn’t have done better herself.

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