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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Heather Breaks Up Lily and Daniel

Will Lily end up on the Y&R outside looking in?

y&r spoilers speculation that heather breaks up lily and daniel.Will Heather break up Lily and Daniel?

Lily and Daniel fans have waited for almost two decades for The Young and the Restless to reunite the one-time teen couple. Y&R spoilers hint it’s happening.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Lily (Christel Khalil) and Billy (Jason Thompson) are broken up. Daniel (Michael Grazaidei) and Heather (Vail Bloom) are broken up. Now nothing can keep them apart, right? Not so fast. Here’s what we predict will happen.

Young and the Restless: Out of the Blue

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) thought she was getting top-notch representation from Michael (Christian Le Blanc). A friend she loved, trusted, and could usually manipulate. But, with no warning, not even so much as a text, Michael was off to parts unknown to rescue his flaky mother.

And Phyllis’s new attorney was not quite daughter-in-law Heather. Someone Phyllis does not love, does not trust, and does not know how to manipulate. Phyllis was bummed. But she’s not the only one who has something to fear from Heather.

Y&R: Three By Three

Heather and Daniel may never have married. But they have been a couple and raised Daniel’s teen daughter, Lucy (Lily Brooks O’Briant), together. Lucy is so close to her adoptive mom that she even chose to stay with her over bio dad Daniel when the pair split up. Which means Heather has a lot of leverage where Daniel is concerned. Does she want to use it?

Y&R Spoilers: Here and Now

Daniel claimed Heather was seeing someone else. So he moved on with Lily (Christel Khalil). They appear to be very happy together — when Daniel isn’t dealing with his crazy mother and Lily is not reading Nate (Sean Dominic) the riot act.

But is that bound to change now that Heather is back in Genoa City? She’s working with Daniel’s mom. That’s going to throw the exes together. They’ll start to reminisce about times. They’ll hang out with their kid. They’ll do family-type stuff. And remember how happy they were once. Where does that leave Lily? And all the fans who’ve been waiting for these crazy kids to reunite as somewhat more sensible adults?

The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. For more about what’s coming up in Genoa City, check out all the latest Y&R spoilers, and for an in-depth look at the show’s history, click here.

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