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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Dru Winters Is Still Alive

Will Lily and Devon get their Y&R mom back?

dru winters went over a cliff on will y&r spoilers tease she's alive.Could Dru really be alive on Y&R?

When comforting Daniel, Lily told him about how much she still misses her late parents. But while Neil was tragically found dead of a heart attack a few years ago, Dru Winters went off a cliff. Y&R spoilers might soon say something more about Lily’s presumed dead mom.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Dru’s (Victoria Rowell) body was never found. And you know what that means on soaps…could Lily’s (Christel Khalil) mom still be alive out there somewhere? Over 2,000 viewers think they know her ultimate fate!

Young and the Restless: Too Late For Dru Winters

Dru is gone, 20% of the audience insists. It’s been way too long for it to be anything else. The Dru we knew adored her kids. She would never stay away from them for over a decade. If she were alive, she would do anything she had to, to get back to them — and to Neil (Kristoff St. John). There can be no excuse for her absence now. Which means she is definitely dead.

Oh, Dru: Forget Me Not

Maybe it’s amnesia, a more hopeful 31% speculate. Maybe Dru doesn’t remember Neil, Lily, and Devon (Bryton James). Maybe she doesn’t know she has grandchildren. Sure, a mentally competent Dru would never stay away from them, but an impaired Dru would. It’s up to Lily to find her and bring her back. Hey, maybe that’s what Malcolm (Shemar Moore) is returning to help her out with!

Y&R Spoilers: Live and Let Live

Almost half of you, on the other hand, 49%, predict that she’s still with us. Everyone on soaps is always both alive and dead. Like Schrödinger’s Cat. Dru is only dead until she no longer needs to be. Since we know Daniel will eventually get his mama back, why shouldn’t Lily? Why should Genoa City be stingy with miracles? Kyle (Michael Mealor) got his. Lily and Devon deserve theirs! Maybe Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Dru will come back together. Considering their history, wouldn’t that be something?

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