The Young and The Restless Spoilers

Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Christine Gives Phyllis The Benefit Of The Doubt

Will it be another Y&R case of justice denied?

y&r spoilers speculation about phyllis summers and christine williams.How will this Y&R clash turn out?

Y&R spoilers have made it clear that Phyllis still refuses to take any responsibility for her crimes, that Summer still doesn’t understand how anyone could have anything against her mother, and that Christine is being big-time unreasonable in wanting to prosecute Phyllis for the simple crime of breaking the law!

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Will Christine (Lauralee Bell) eventually see the light and cut Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) some slack? Soap Hub asked viewers how they think this will all turn out, and this is what they predicted will happen next.

Christine Williams: Trust Fund Baby

Christine has always been too trusting, 4% sigh. She could have insisted on Phyllis going to jail decades ago for everything she did to her and Paul (Doug Davidson). The fact that Christine actually moved on and pretended she wasn’t living in the same town with a complete lunatic just proves what a nice — and gullible — district attorney she is.

Y&R Spoilers: Fool Me Twice

No way, 36% counter. No matter how many times Phyllis makes it sound like Christine is being petty and unreasonable in wanting to charge her with a crime, the fact remains that there are so many things Phyllis has yet to pay for. Christine has every reason to make sure she pays for this one. No matter how many tears Summer (Allison Lanier) sheds, no matter how many fancy words Heather (Vail Bloom) uses, Christine will hold firm. And prosecute Phyllis to the full extent of the law.

Young and the Restless: Take Your Time

Christine will fold, 60% of voters sigh. But she won’t do it right away. She’ll make Phyllis sweat it out. And hopefully, she’ll make her earn it. Maybe first, Summer will stop apologizing for snapping at her mother and admit she resents her for ruining Summer’s marriage to Kyle (Michael Mealor).

Maybe Michael (Christian Le Blanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) will stop enabling her. Maybe Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane (Susan Walters) will tie the knot, forcing Phyllis to realize she has failed completely. Only then might Christine decide that her nemesis has suffered enough. And knock a year or two off her sentence.

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