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Y&R Spoilers Speculation: Abby and Chance Are Headed For Splitsville

Is the latest just one crisis too many?

Y&R spoilers Abby Chancellor and Chance Chancellor

Abby Newman Abbott Chancellor and Chance Chancellor seemed doomed from the start, and now Y&R spoilers suggest their marriage isn’t long for this world. For one thing, the pair talked about babies from their first days together. They didn’t so much want to be husband and wife as they wanted to be parents.

Y&R Spoilers Speculation

Which is fine. But it makes it hard to invest in them as a couple for the ages. Now, not only is there conflict about the role Dominic’s biological father will play in the tot’s life, but Chance (Conner Floyd) is convinced Abby (Melissa Ordway) hasn’t accepted his job as a lawman. Can they make it past either of these critical hurdles? Young and the Restless fans predict the answer to this burning question.

Young and the Restless: End of the Road

It’s over, 65% of the audience doesn’t need to check their crystal balls for clues. Abby and Chance were already having problems before he took off for his deadly undercover mission, failing to see eye to eye on how they’d have a child together.

Then, Chance allowed Abby to think he was dead. He agreed to let Devon Hamilton (Bryton James) take joint custody of Dominic, much to Abby’s despair. And he was telling her how she felt about his policeman hours. When couples have such a hard time communicating, it’s the beginning of the end.

Y&R Spoilers: Who Knows

We don’t know what to think, 24% of you sigh and refuse to speculate. Maybe that’s because we really don’t understand Abby and Chance as a couple. They’ve been apart longer than they’ve been together. We don’t see a connection between them. They keep saying they love each other, but they sure don’t act like it. So who knows what they might do next?

Young & Restless: Love Conquers All

Look at what they’ve already overcome, 11% of the voters urge before voicing their prediction. Abby knew that Chance was alive after everyone else had given him up for dead. If that’s not true love, then what is? They are meant to be!

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