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The Young and the Restless Spoilers: A Power-Hungry Ashley Terrorizes Jabot!

The Young and the Restless spoilersThe Young and the Restless spoilers

The Young and the Restless (YR) spoilers reveal power going to Ashley’s head and everyone suffering because of it.

When Jack announced he was stepping down to care for Dina and Ashley would take over the company reigns, no one expected the management shift would change her.

With her knowledge of the firm and her savvy business ways, the Abbott sister was a perfect choice. However, Ashley’s first day at the office changes everything.

Even before anyone has a chance to get coffee, she is barking orders like a staff sergeant on lazy recruits. Ashley calls on Gloria to take notes and she appears, ready to take on Jack’s little sister and show her a thing or two. Exactly the opposite happens.

Scribbling and nodding as fast as she can, the secretary can’t keep up with her motor-mouth boss. Ashley takes several jabs at her for being slow, and by the time Gloria shuffles out the door, she is a defeated and dejected office drone. Gone is the tough-as-nails, office scheme queen.

Next, Ashley meets with Phyllis and updates her on the management shift. Phyllis is none too happy but goes along with whatever needs to be done.

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Not surprisingly, the shifting duties create more drama than necessary, and Ashley realizes she knows less than she initially thought.

Jack has been withholding information from her! This revelation sets off a temper tantrum, and Gloria becomes her verbal punching bag once again.

Exhausted from beating Gloria’s ego down to a mush, Ashley takes a breather to call Abby, but her daughter is too busy to get together. Next, she tries to connect with Jack, but he’s not available. Ashley’s anger is boiling, her stress levels are elevated, and she needs relief.

Luckily, she spies the perfect solution to her problems: Ravi. Tune in today to see what happens to the poor office techie when the boss lady gets her hands on him!

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