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The Young and the Restless WILD Speculation! Is Katie’s ‘Imaginary’ Friend ADAM?!

The Young and the Restless Katie Jan 30The Young and the Restless Katie

Something sinister is happening on The Young and the Restless. This time, it’s not about the ladies, but one of the children instead!

A Not So Imaginary Friend!
A dark figure is lurking through the halls of the Newman Ranch, undetected by all except Katie. She’s found this person’s hiding place and knows all — well, at least as much as this mystery man allows her to know.

Unfortunately for the Newmans, Katie’s not talking.

In fact, Katie’s struck up a friendship with this mystery dweller and plays with him every time she’s at the estate. Hide and seek, sharing jokes, and playing tea party are all par for the course.

The big question is, who is this man and why is he here?

The Likely Suspect!
While the natural assumption would be JT, Katie would know him by name. It wouldn’t take long for Katie to spill the beans, especially at her tender age. Children aren’t very good secret keepers.

It has to be someone else, someone she doesn’t know or hasn’t seen for a very, very long time.

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Uncle Adam?!
Could it be Adam stalking through the sprawling home? He would know the lay of the land better than anyone and have no problem setting up all those cameras.

Plus, Katie was so young when he ‘died’ she wouldn’t remember him at all. She would truly just know him as her new friend who wants to play with dolls.

But, why hide?

This isn’t the first time Adam’s come back from the dead and he wasn’t exactly forward the last time either. He’s a sneaky guy who likes to play dangerous games. If he caught wind of JT’s death (how long have those camera’s been there?) it would be the perfect revenge plot!

The Young and the Restless (YR) airs weekdays on CBS. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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