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Soap Hub’s Wellness Wednesdays: Sean Kanan’s Advice For Achieving Maximum Productivity

Sean Kanan Way of the COBRASean Kanan Way of the COBRA

Daytime Emmy-winner Sean Kanan, best known to soap fans as Deacon Sharpe on both The Bold and the Beautiful and The Young and the Restless as well as AJ Quartermaine on General Hospital, has accumulated quite a bit of knowledge over the years. Now, he’s taken pen to paper to share his experiences in a new tome that is designed to help readers live their best life.

Sean Kanan’s Wellness Tips

Soap Hub chatted with Kanan, who authored the self-help tome Way of the Cobra, for this week’s installment of Wellness Wednesday. Read on to learn some of the actor’s helpful tips for starting your day off in a way that will contribute to maximum productivity!

Kanan quotes noteworthy individuals from across history including Winston Churchill to Maya Angelou to Carl Jung for inspiring words that open various chapters of his tome.

“I wanted to quote a wide variety of people from different times,” Kanan tells Soap Hub. “Success is timeless. There are strategies that you can employ to achieve success that have worked in the past and that also work now.”

Here are five of the many pieces of advice that Kanan writes about in Way of the Cobra:

1) Wake Up Early

“Waking up early is important for a number of reasons. If you can co-opt a few hours in the morning before you’re bombarded by the chaos of the outside world, you can help set the trajectory of your day. Most days, I start my day by expressing gratitude and praying. By expressing gratitude, you’re living in the present. You’re thanking God or the “universe’ or whatever you believe in for the things that you’ve been given. From there, I go into some meditating. That’s a great way to silence the bombastic monkey chatter that invades all of our minds.”

2) Journaling

“I joke in the book about how journaling doesn’t turn you into a 7th-grade school girl writing ‘Dear Diary…’ For me, journaling can be about getting that crap out of my head and onto paper and then throwing that paper away. I’ll write ideas for projects that I have in mind, more goal-oriented stuff. I try to do this for about three minutes without censoring.”

3) Reading

“Reading is the ‘great regulator.’ You can be wealthy or poor, incarcerated or not, everybody has the ability to learn the thoughts of great men and women and travel to interesting places by reading. If you read 20 pages a day, you’ll have read almost 7,000 pages a year. I like reading physical books. Being able to hold it and turn the pages. I’m old school that way.”

4) Hydrate/Drink Water

“Hydrating is the very first thing I do in the morning. You haven’t drunk anything for eight hours while you’ve been sleeping so, you’ll want to hydrate for many reasons. It cuts your appetite in the morning. That’s important, too.”

5) Find A Mentor

“Do some research before asking someone to mentor you. You want to be very clear about what you want out of the relationship and ask yourself if this person can provide what you need? Do they have time and inclination to commit to a mentor/mentee relationship? It can be a win/win relationship. Ask yourself if what you can bring to the relationship will be palatable to the mentor. If it’s not working out for you, the mentee, then, it’s likely not working out for the mentor. You need to say ‘thank you’ and then, move on. In addition to finding a mentor, it’s just as important to someday learn to be someone else’s mentor. If you benefit from someone’s knowledge, you want to give that back to someone else. It’s the circle of life.”

This helpful advice only skims the surface of what Kanan has to offer in Way of the Cobra. To order your own copy, click on this link.



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