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Soap Hub Performer of the Week The Young and the Restless: Tyler Johnson

The Young and the Restless Tyler JohnsonThe Young and the Restless Tyler Johnson

Soap Hub Performer of the Week is an ongoing series of articles in which editors pay tribute to a performer from each show, highlighting outstanding performances! For The Young and the Restless, Soap Hub is recognizing the work done by Tyler Johnson. The actor deftly displays his character Theo’s sense of loneliness.

Tyler Johnson Shows Theo’s Vulnerability

Theo’s absence from Dina’s (Marla Adams) final moments on earth was jarring, so the stage was set for some tense moments after Theo showed up at the Abbott mansion. He politely accepted Jack (Peter Bergman), Traci (Beth Maitland), and Ashley (Eileen Davidson)’s apologies for not having him be present when Dina died.

Jack said it was all on him, noting he should have reached out sooner. Traci maintained they didn’t know exactly when Dina was going to die. Ashley added it was a very difficult time.

Theo decided to give them the benefit of the doubt, adding he knew what it was like to lose a parent. He kept a friendly demeanor while maintaining a stiff upper lip, but clearly, he felt snubbed during a time that can never be recaptured.

Theo felt further left out as the Abbotts started planning Dina’s memorial and shared moments from the past to which he simply couldn’t relate. Theo excused himself to go get some coffee, but probably also to compose himself.

Returning from the kitchen with coffee (that no one wanted to drink – ouch!), Theo noticed that he was the only one present who had not been given a new piece of jewelry taken from Dina’s treasured Teardrop of Love.

It’s one thing for the Abbotts to claim that there wasn’t time to call him because they didn’t know when Dina was going to die, but for Jack to divide the Teardrop of Love into pieces of jewelry and intentionally omitting one of her grandsons seemed cruel. Weren’t there a few bits left over to turn into cufflinks for Theo?

Again, Theo kept his sadness inside, but after he suggested ChancComm write a tribute to Dina he was shot down by Kyle (Michael Mealor), who seldom fails to hide the envy he feels toward his former pal. Theo said that the Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) story wasn’t representative of all that the media outlet does.

Kyle snarking at Theo that he was only interested in being in Dina’s will was the last straw. Theo shot back that he was just as much Dina’s grandson as Kyle was. He exited the family get-together and then went to add to his caffeine fix by going to Crimson Lights.

There, he was comforted by Traci, who tried to play family peacemaker, which, along with writing novels, is one of her greatest talents. “You’re the nice one,” Theo told Traci, adding that he’ll never belong to the Abbott clan. He suggested Traci accept that as he has and then he walked off, alone again.

Tyler Johnson makes Theo sympathetic, but never comes off as pathetic in the process. Theo someday finding acceptance and love remains an unknown, but we can bet that Johnson giving a compelling performance is a given. The Young and the Restless airs weekdays on CBS. Check local listings for air times.

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