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Soap Hub Performer of the Week for Y&R: Camryn Grimes

Camryn Grimes Performer of the Week for Y&R

When praised for their acting abilities, many performers often give kudos to their scene partners saying their job is made easier by having such talented co-stars. However, sometimes actors are asked to perform in a void and that’s what Camryn Grimes was tasked with doing as her pregnant and captive character Mariah Copeland spoke a series of monologues to the unborn child she’s carrying. For her performance as an angst-ridden surrogate mother, Soap Hub bestows Performer of the Week for Y&R honors on Grimes.

Camryn Grimes – Performer of the Week for Y&R

In trying to allay the nerves of her unborn son, Mariah did her best to soothe her baby boy by recapping her predicament. She’s being held against her will and she and her baby are dependent on a mysterious lunatic who brings them food. Mariah tried to focus on the positive. As her jailer hasn’t let her see who he (or she?) is, then perhaps, this person is going to let Mariah go at some point.

Mariah is likely not going to emerge the same person she was before this ordeal began. Over these last few weeks, she’s not just been carrying Abby Newman-Abbott Chancellor (Melissa Ordway) and Chance’s baby as the child grows inside her, but she’s been doing her best to protect him as well.

Mariah’s used her acerbic wit over the years to handle various situations. But as the reality of her captivity continued to sink in, Mariah’s façade began to crumble. She rested in bed and spoke softly to her child. “I bet you miss all that cool music I used to play for you every day,” Mariah said as she fought back the tears. “We had such beautiful plans for your birth…”

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Mariah (Camryn Grimes) talked out loud about the plans for the delivery, saying that both Abby and Mariah’s girlfriend Tessa Porter were set to be by her side. Then, even more, fear crept in. Mariah wondered what if she were never found and if she had to give birth alone in the room that’s become her prison. At this point, Mariah couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. She broke down, fearful that she and her baby may face even greater peril.

At this point, viewers wanted to reach through their television screens and hold Mariah, giving her the comfort she so desperately needs. While Mariah is this baby’s surrogate, the bond they’re establishing during his ordeal is going to bond them even further in all likelihood. Time will tell how Mariah recovers from all this after (if?) she and the child she’s carrying find their freedom. We’re confident that Camryn Grimes will continue to shine as Mariah explores unexpected emotions.

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