The Young and the Restless

Should It Be Jack Or Victor Or… For Nikki On ‘The Young and the Restless’ (YR)?

The Young and the Restless

Believe it or not, The Young and the Restless (YR) fans, there were men for Nikki before Victor. Or Jack.

There was Paul (Doug Davidson). When they were just teens, Paul gave Nikki a venereal disease. And, as we later learned, Dylan (Steve Burton), too.

Nikki was married to upstanding young lawyer, Greg (brother of upstanding young doctor, Snapper). But she found all that standing up boring.

So, she turned to “modeling.” Which was actually prostitution. A client of hers was killed, Greg defended the accused and, well, secrets never stay secret for long in Genoa City. Nikki and Greg divorced.

Enter Victor (Eric Braeden). He bet he could turn the stripper into a lady. (Whistle any song from My Fair Lady that you like at this point.) He did. He married her. He divorced her. He married her. He divorced her. He… you get the picture.

Catching Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) in between mumbling husbands (hat-tip: Gone With the Wind) was Jack (Peter Bergman). They did the together/apart dance a bunch of times, too.

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Currently, Nikki and Victor are technically married, but she is done with him (again), and circling Jack (again).

Which man should she pick? Almost 10,000 of you have strong feelings!

How many times do we need to say this, wonder 66% of you? Mr. and Mrs. Newman are soulmates. They always find their way back to each other, they bring out the best in each other, and they can’t live without each other. Why are we even pretending it could be otherwise?

The Awful Truth
No, no, no, no, 33% shout back! Nikki and Victor are nothing but bad news for each other. Jack makes her smile, Victor makes her cry. Could it be any clearer?

Then again, Nikki has tried and failed – numerous time – with both men. So, maybe it’s time for someone completely new. Victor, go away!

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