The Young and the Restless

Many (Un)Happy Returns? Do You Want Chloe Back on The Young and the Restless (YR)?

The Young and the Restless, ChloeThe Young and the Restless, Chloe

There is your everyday runaway bride – last minute jitters, buyers’ remorse. And there’s your Genoa City runaway bride – murder confession, assault with a deadly lamp. The latter would be The Young and the Restless’ Chloe.

She was all set to marry Kevin (Greg Rikaart) – father of her daughter, Bella, though she didn’t tell him that at the time. But then the truth came out about Chloe murdering Adam, the love of her best friend, Chelsea’s (Melissa Claire Egan), life.

So, Chloe took off – sans Bella and Kevin. She ran straight to Victor (Eric Braeden), who’d been in on the Adam plan, and he helped spirit her out of town – or so everyone thought.

But, even as Paul (Doug Davidson) scours the world, Victor knows exactly where Chloe is, and fans got to weigh in on whether she should come back and face the music! Almost 10,000 viewers are ready to play judge and jury!

Let Justice Be Served!
Chloe may have had a good reason for taking revenge on Adam – he did kill her first daughter, Delia – but 58% of you still expect her to pay the piper for her actions.

You want Chloe back in Genoa City, and behind bars – or, at least, on trial, so she can get off just like Adam once did for his crimes.

To the Victor Goes the Blame
Yes, Chloe committed the crime. But, Victor is the one who had a mentally ill woman released before she was healthy.

If Chloe goes down, says 29% of the audience, Victor should, too. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t mean for Adam to die. He’s still responsible, and no amount of crocodile tears will change that.

Suffering Succotash
Hasn’t Chloe been through enough, counter 12% of fans? Putting her in jail will never hurt as much as losing Delia, or even losing her friendship with Chelsea. So, why not leave her alone, or else the suffering will never end for anyone?

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