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Y&R Spoilers Recap For May 25: Nikki And Diane Trade Dramatic Slaps

Y&R spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 25, 2022Y&R spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 25, 2022

The Y&R spoilers recap for Wednesday, May 25, 2022, brings true soap drama when Nikki Newman and Diane Jenkins have a physical altercation after Traci Abbott gave the latter some wise counsel. Plus, Victor Newman threatens Ashland Locke while Jack Abbott and Phyllis Summers dissected their relationship with Kyle Abbott and Summer Abbott respectively.

Y&R Spoilers Recap Highlights

In Chancellor Park, Traci (Beth Maitland) ran into Diane. The latter woman automatically accused the former of animosity, but Traci being…herself…actually talked with her brother’s ex. She gave Diane some reasonable advice, and she encouraged her to take solace in what a wonderful man Kyle (Michael Mealor) grew up to be. In the end, Diane still has a lot to make up for in Genoa City, and it seemed Traci wasn’t fully convinced that she’d changed.

Diane moved on to Crimson Lights, where she ran into Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott). Well, Nikki wasn’t at all happy to see Diane still hanging around. She had lots of nasty things to say to her one-time rival. However, it appeared she crossed the line when she noted that Kyle would likely conclude that he was better off when his mother stayed dead. Diane had all she could take, so she slapped Nikki right across the face. Nikki gave as good as she got, though, and she smacked Diane right back.

Nikki told Diane she’d better never raise her hand against her again, and Diane shoved Nikki. Luckily for both women, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) walked in right then, and she pulled the two women apart. She had a few words for Diane about attacking her mother and then pulled Nikki out to go catch their flight. Of course, Nikki didn’t leave without words, and she told Diane to go back to the grave to stay. Victor (Eric Braeden) observed Diane from the patio after his wife and daughter left.

Young and the Restless: A Threat?

Earlier, Victoria, Nikki, and Victor had a meeting over a meal at Society. Then, Ashland (Robert Newman) showed up, and Victoria and Nikki left. However, Ashland asked to speak with Victor. While The Mustache wasn’t too thrilled to still see the face of the man paid half a billion to leave Genoa City, he did stick around to hear what he had to say.

After plenty of back and forth, including a jab at the day Ashland actually dies, Victor told him what a horrible person he is. Certainly, Victor never did anything so despicable as faking cancer. Right, Victor? Ultimately, he told Ashland he’d do anything in his power to protect his family, and he advised his ex-son-in-law not to push him to that point. Victor guaranteed Ashland that he’d regret it if he didn’t leave town as soon as possible.

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Y&R Spoilers Recap: Losing It

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) totally lost her mind to Summer (Allison Lanier) over the possibility that Jack might fall for Diane’s (Susan Walters) whole ‘she’s changed’ act. Summer cautioned her mother to calm down and reminded her that what she and Jack have is solid. After all, Phyllis is a whole new woman since the last time she and Jack broke up. No, there’s no way on Earth that Diane had anything at all to do with why Phyllis hooked up with Jack. None at all. Nope. No…way.

Then, Summer told her mom all about Ashland faking his cancer. Oh no, Phyllis was just so sad to hear about Victoria’s bad fortune when it came to the Locke Ness Monster. Summer worried about how it’d hurt Harrison Locke (Kellen Enriquez). Summer went all momma bear about it, and Phyllis appreciated that.

Y&R: Finding It

Meanwhile, Jack spoke with Kyle about everything. Kyle gave his dad a bit of a hard time about reuniting with Phyllis. As for Jack, he worried about the timing of Phyllis’s decision to restart their relationship after months of indecision. After all, it all came after Diane returned to their life. The timing is awfully suspect.

Kyle also worried about Harrison and how Ashland’s lies would hurt him so badly. Jack predicted Ashland would still want the little boy in his life, and that left Kyle incensed. Then, the two turned to business, and Kyle attempted to broach the subject of a new venture.

However, Traci came in, and she let both men know she’d run into Diane at the park, and that Diane loved meeting Harrison. Kyle felt that maybe he shouldn’t leave Diane waiting on his decision, but Jack advised his son not to put his mother’s feelings ahead of his family’s. After all, Diane is a master at focusing all attention on her.

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