Y&R Recap: Victor Leaves Sharon Absolutely Stunned

The great Victor Newman does the right thing.

the young and the restless recap for september 8, 2023, has sharon talking with victor.Sharon gets a surprise from Victor Newman.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, September 8, 2023, brings a shocking turn of events when Victor gives Sharon some surprising news.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Adam uses Sally to try to get back into Nick’s good graces. Sharon offers Nick a job. Kyle tells his parents to butt out of his life while Jack and Diane discuss firing Billy. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Adam Uses Sally

Heather (Vail Bloom) and Sharon (Sharon Case) strategized about how to get the company back from Victor since Michael was still out of town. Nick (Joshua Morrow) showed up and said he fully supported Sharon getting her company back.

After Heather left, Sharon told Nick she’d talked with Adam, and he seemed to want to make amends. Nick didn’t fully buy it, and he felt his brother was putting on an act. Sharon felt heartbroken that she couldn’t believe in Adam anymore, and Nick reminded her it was Adam’s fault…not hers. She wondered what Nick’s next plans were, and he admitted he was thinking about it.

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At Society, Adam (Mark Grossman) told Sally (Courtney Hope) that Victor’s latest move was a wake-up call, and he wanted to change how he lived. Adam surprised her by taking all the blame for his problems, but Sally seemed skeptical.

He credited Connor with being a role model and an impetus for his changing course. Adam vowed to make amends to his family. Sally remained skeptical, but Adam promised he’d show her. Nick walked up and yelled at his brother for enlisting Sharon and Sally to play the intermediary. Adam immediately owned up to making a mistake.

As they argued, Sally encouraged Nick to hear his brother out. Adam declared he needed a reset and that he wanted to be part of the Newman family. Nick told his brother he wouldn’t give him advice for fixing himself, and Adam insisted he wanted to make a change.

After Adam left, Sally and Nick discussed Victor’s job offer for Nick. Nick felt he’d take it out of obligation, but Sally encouraged him to really consider things.

At his place, Adam had a drink and remembered the recent past. He answered a knock on the door to find Victor standing there.

Young and the Restless Recap: What?

Earlier at the ranch, Victor (Eric Braeden) sat remembering past discussions with Adam. Later, Sharon and Heather came in, and they made their case. Out of seemingly nowhere, Victor declared he would give Sharon her company back to her. He also agreed to put it in writing.

Heather left, and Sharon told Victor that things were hitting Adam hard, and Victor said it was hitting him hard, too. Victor and Sharon talked about the reality of Adam’s future and if there was hope for him to heal.

Ultimately, Victor declared he was tired of giving Adam another chance, but Sharon said she really believed this time might be different. Victor thanked Sharon for caring, and she thanked him for giving her company back.

Sharon went to Society, where she saw Nick and Sally. She let them know that Victor gave her back the company, and she offered Nick a job with her. Sally looked a bit concerned as Nick appeared to consider his ex’s offer.

Y&R Recap: ‘Smilin’ Jack?’

At the Abbotts’, Kyle (Michael Mealor) insisted he was fine, but Jack (Peter Bergman) and Diane (Susan Walters) didn’t buy it. They thought he needed to deal with his feelings about Summer. Again, Kyle compared himself to “Smilin’ Jack,” suggesting he was the same as his dad. Jack asked Kyle to return to Jabot, but he wasn’t interested.

Kyle lied to his parents, saying he and Audra had stopped their affair. Jack pointed out he would have a lesser position at Newman Media, but he’d have a high-level one at Jabot. However, Kyle pointed out that Billy didn’t have a good track record, and he reminded his dad he couldn’t trust his brother.

“Leaving Jabot and breaking things off with Summer is the greatest thing that could’ve happened to me,” Kyle declared. Ultimately, he told his parents that he and Harrison would find somewhere else to live if they kept harping on him.

Jack warned his son that his time as “Smilin’ Jack” wasn’t fulfilling, and Diane agreed. They wanted their son to stop being so cold. However, Kyle insisted he was fine in his own life. He wanted his folks to butt out. Ultimately, they agreed to keep their opinions to themselves, which seemed to mollify Kyle.

Talk turned to Billy, and Kyle advised his dad to fire his brother. If Jack did, Kyle would consider returning to the company. After Kyle left, Jack said he felt his son might be right about Billy. Of course, he worried that he’d lose his brother if he fired him. Diane told her husband she wanted their son back at Jabot.

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