Y&R Recap: Jack’s Siblings Refuse To Follow His Wishes

Jack Abbott fails to convince Billy and Traci of his plans to oust Ashley.

the young and the restless recap for july 11, 2023, has diane, jack, billy, and traci.Jack Abbott was not happy.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday, July 11, 2023, brings bad news for Jack Abbott when Traci and Billy defy his wishes.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also, in this episode, Summer (Allison Lanier) warns Kyle about Audra and also meets up with Phyllis. Tucker and Ashley scheme to bring Phyllis back to town while Phyllis meets with Michael. Sharon asks Victor if he’s trying to save his sons or his company. Adam fires everybody at McCall. Nick confronts Victoria about his staff, and Sally shares some poignant moments with Sharon. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Not So All In The Family

At the Abbott mansion, Jack (Peter Bergman) called a family meeting, but he left out Ashley and Kyle (Michael Mealor). Kyle wasn’t thrilled he was left out since he’d chosen not to stay on at Jabot, but he left, so Jack, Diane (Susan Walters), Traci (Beth Maitland), and Billy (Jason Thompson) continued talking.

Jack claimed he wanted to protect Jabot, but Traci and Billy weren’t convinced. Of course, Billy managed to stay calm, which made Traci happy. After lots of back and forth, Billy and Traci refused to oust Ashley despite his worries over Ashley and Tucker’s new company and their poaching talent — and Diane agreed.

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At Society, Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) talked about Jack’s plans with Daniel. Then, Tucker gave her news that he was closing in on the EMT who could be Phyllis’s witness. Ashley expressed concerns about including Phyllis in their plans, but Tucker suggested they point her at Jack instead of Diane. Ultimately, Ashley agreed, and Tucker made a call.

Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) and Summer met in Chancellor Park. They talked, and Summer revealed her marriage was in deep trouble. Phyllis offered to help, but Summer begged her mom not to interfere. Later, after Summer left, Michael met Phyllis in the park, and she told him she needed just a little more time to contact the EMT before she turned herself in.

Summer spied Audra (Zuleyka Silver) and Kyle (Michael Mealor) flirting at the GCAC. She walked over, and Audra split. Summer warned her soon-to-be-ex that Audra was sketchy, and Kyle noted he must have a type — ouch.

Young and the Restless Recap: Grief

At Newman Enterprises, Nick (Joshua Morrow) confronted Victoria (Amelia Heinle) about his staff, but she wasn’t sorry. He let her know about Adam’s offer to work at McCall, and Victoria felt their younger brother needed a voice of reason more than she did.

Sally (Courtney Hope) and Sharon (Sharon Case) were at Crimson Lights when Adam (Mark Grossman) walked in while talking on the phone. He was making some heads roll at McCall. Sally backed off, and Sharon wondered what Adam was up to. Adam let her know he was finalizing his plans to take over Newman Media and bring it into Adustus International.

Adam left, and Sally thanked Sharon for the flowers. Sharon imparted some wisdom and reminded Sally that parents could more easily grieve their lost child together. However, Sally felt Adam was back to his old self playing God. She didn’t owe him a thing.

Victor (Eric Braeden) came into the coffee shop. Sharon wondered why the shrewd businessman wanted his sons to work together, and Victor seemed to want to save both his sons and his company.

Y&R Recap: He’s My Brother

Later, Nick stopped by Sally’s room, and he apologized for talking to Adam. He went back and forth about his career possibilities, admitting that it might be best for him to work for Adam. Sally noted that Nick cared more about his little brother than he was willing to admit.

Back at Crimson Lights, Adam returned, and Sharon updated him all about the company that Cameron left her. She proposed that they merge their companies and work together.

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