Y&R Recap: Claire Stuns Victoria By Calling Her ‘Mother’

Victoria Newman gets the shock of her life.

the young and the restless recap for november 27, 2023, episod3 12753, has cole, claire and victoria.It's a different kind of Y&R family reunion.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, November 27, 2023, brings a stunning revelation as Claire calls Victoria her mother.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Nikki dreamed of Eve while Victor, Nick, and Victoria learned Cole was there. Also, they learned that Jordan had made up the whole story of Nikki’s seizure. Adam and Sally reconnected, and she kissed him. Finally, Audra didn’t buy that Nate was innocent of betraying Victor. Now, let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Family Reunion

At the lake house, Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) sobbed. She found a photo of Eve Howard underneath her pillow. Confused, she fell asleep. Downstairs, Cole (J. Eddie Peck) made a call to Victoria, leaving her a message. Aunt Jordan (Colleen Peck) hit him over the head with the hammer when he hung up.

Jordan headed to Nikki’s room. Nikki woke up groggy, and she saw a hazy Jordan. Nikki wondered what Jordan wanted, but Jordan urged her to relax. It confused Nikki when Jordan mentioned that her family would arrive soon. Nikki yelled that Jordan had done this to her, but Jordan told Nikki that she did this to herself. 

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Downstairs, Claire (Hayley Erin), Victor (Eric Braeden), Victoria (Amelia Heinle), and Nick (Joshua Morrow) arrived. Claire called for Jordan, but there was no answer. The Newmans weren’t happy but agreed to wait. Claire got them some bottled water and promised that Nikki would be fine. 

Victoria was suspicious of the way she was acting. Jordan came down the stairs with a sling on her fake broken arm and told the family that Nikki was still in the hospital overnight. Victor wanted the name of the hospital, but Jordan said visiting hours were over. Victor didn’t care, so Jordan offered to hire a car.

Jordan explained about the “seizure” while Nick, Victoria, and Victor drank their water. Jordan suggested they all sit and relax. There wouldn’t be a car. They’re not leaving. Nick asked what the hell she was talking about. Jordan removed her sling and said it’s time to tell the truth. 

Jordan warned they better listen, and she revealed that Victor knew her sister intimately. “Eve Howard,” Jordan said Eve loved him, and he betrayed her, broke her heart, and threw her away. Jordan said her sister died while they were estranged, and she blamed Victor for that. She also revealed that they would all die from the poison they’d drank in their water. They tried to leave, but she had triple-locked all the doors. 

Claire dragged Cole out by the arm. Victoria was shocked to see him. Claire said she had to be there for the family reunion, “Didn’t he, mother?” Victoria’s eyes widened in shock at the implication, as did Cole’s. 

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Upstairs, Nikki dreamed that Eve lied to her, telling her that Victor was dead. Nikki woke up, startled. 

There’s a Chance…

At the GCAC, Adam (Mark Grossman) asked if Nate (Sean Dominic) had seen his father or sister. Nate hadn’t seen them. After some snarky back and forth, Nate left, and Sally (Courtney Hope) showed up. She asked what was going on with his family, and Adam insisted that his relationship with his dad had never been closer.

They got some martinis at the bar. Adam commented that she had been avoiding him since they had sex. Sally admitted she needed time to process, and he understood. They talked, and she said she wasn’t pleased he’d planned to ruin Victor. However, Adam pointed out that the old him wouldn’t have owned up to it. 

Adam revealed that Victor had made up the whole thing, and Nate was the one who had betrayed him. Sally wondered if Adam was okay with all that, and Adam said it’s what his father does. They talked about where they stood, and Sally wasn’t sure. Adam hoped they had a chance, and he ended up asking for a real dinner date. Sally agreed, and they sat down, talking about their lives.

When Adam mentioned having kids changed him, he apologized, and Sally accepted. However, she realized she wasn’t hungry, so she wanted to leave. When they said goodnight, Sally kissed him, surprising Adam…and herself. 


Audra (Zuleyka Silver) and Nate got coffee at Crimson Lights. He recapped Victor’s setup, and Audra was baffled. He shared that Victor was trying to oust a betrayer. They agreed it was messed up. 

Nate insisted that he was genuinely concerned about Victor’s well-being, but Audra didn’t buy it. She figured his real plan was to clear a path so he and Victoria could take over while Victor was in treatment. 

Nate insisted that Victor needed help, and they needed to keep it quiet. Neither thought it was wrong. Ultimately, Nate was set up to fail. He wasn’t sure what to think of Victoria, though the rest were to blame. Audra asked if he wanted to get back at them. She has something brewing and will consider roping him in. Nate said he wasn’t as ruthless as she thought, but Audra didn’t agree. 

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