Y&R Recap: Adam Pours His Heart Out And Declares His Love To Sally

Sally Spectra seems to be wavering.

young and the restless recap for september 25, 2023, has sally listening to adam.Adam Newman shares his feelings.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, September 25 , 2023, brings Adam laying it all on the line for Sally.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Billy and Jack faceoff, and ultimately Jack tries to make a deal with Adam. Plus, Phyllis gets trapped into doing more for Tucker than she’d bargained for. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: It’s Still Love

Adam (Mark Grossman) joined Sally (Courtney Hope) at her table at the GCAC. He apologized again for the kiss, but Sally wanted to pretend it never happened. Adam simply couldn’t forget it and he wasn’t sorry he kissed her. Again, she pushed him to drop it.

However, Adam insisted this was all about the New and Improved Adam ™. Poor Adam, nobody took him seriously, though, and he called out Sally for that. After some talking, Sally reminded Adam that she’s with Nick and starting a business. She said neither of them had time for “this mess,” and Adam pointed out she wasn’t saying she “didn’t want this mess.”

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Sally insisted he was reading too much into her words. Adam admitted that he wanted Sally to wake up one day and realize she still loved him. She didn’t know what to do with that, and Adam said he expected nothing from her. Sally said she couldn’t keep doing the back and forth with him. Her truth was not Adam’s truth. He nicely told her he didn’t want her to feel pressure but he was glad they were in a place where they could talk again.

Sally went to her room, and found roses from Nick, and she urged him to hurry as she flashed back to kissing Adam.

Young and the Restless Recap: Sibling Rivalry

At the Abbotts, Jack (Peter Bergman) admonished Billy (Jason Thompson) for going on his own, and he analyzed why Billy was angry. Ultimately, Jack let his brother know that their situation at work wasn’t working. Billy did not appreciate his brother’s declaration, and they argued over Billy involving Devon.

Billy called out Jack for being so quick to cut him loose when they disagreed. He felt certain Tucker was coming after them, and Billy warned his brother to be careful. Billy revealed he had access to information that could damage Tucker, which piqued Jack’s interest, but Billy played coy.

The brothers argued back and forth, and Billy promised to be more considerate of Jack. However, Billy told Jack he didn’t see him as a real partner because Jack always gave him opportunities. Jack yelled that he’d hoped Billy would get out of his own way.

Things calmed down a bit, and Jack said he was worried about Billy, but Billy said he felt disposable to Jack. Of course, Jack denied it. Finally, Billy admitted that Adam had the information about Tucker, and he suggested that Jack negotiate with Adam. They discussed Jack and Adam’s complicated relationship, and Jack agreed to reach out to Adam.

Adam sat at the bar, and he got a call from Jack. They arranged to meet.

Y&R Recap: Hacked

At his suite, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) insisted Tucker (Trevor St. John) pay her half of what he owed her in full before she hacked into Billy’s financial records. She wanted to go elsewhere to do her work, but Tucker didn’t trust her. He worried she’d leave a trail, leading to him, but Phyllis insisted she was too good.

Tucker changed the terms of their agreement as she hacked, and she wasn’t pleased. He said Phyllis should’ve seen it coming, though. Ultimately, Tucker wanted Phyllis to hack into Jabot’s accounts, and make a sizeable transfer into Billy’s account. She yelled that she felt uncomfortable, but Tucker didn’t care.

Ultimately, Tucker pressured her into moving forward. Phyllis claimed she couldn’t get around a firewall, and Tucker furiously yelled at her. After some back and forth, she accomplished the hack into Billy’s finances, and he pushed her to go into Jabot’s.

Phyllis ran into Billy downstairs as she left. They chatted, and Billy wondered how Phyllis’s job was going, and he gave her a little pep talk. Tucker walked by them, and Phyllis looked sick.

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