Young and the Restless Recap: Phyllis Vows To Finish What She Started

The Y&R recap for Monday, July 10, 2023, had Phyllis shocking herself

the young and the restless recap for july 10, 2023, has phyllis in dark glasses and wig in the park.Phyllis Summers vows to finish what she started.

The Young and the Restless recap for Monday, July 10, 2023, brings Phyllis momentarily thinking Diane won but then realizing she needs to redouble her efforts.

The Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Also in this episode, Tucker overheard a juicy tidbit happening at the nearby Team Phyllis table, Ashley realized Phyllis was bound to be returning soon, Jack made his position to Diane very clear, and Lily got a lovely surprise from Daniel but then had it taken away. Now let’s take a deeper dive into this episode.

Young & Restless: Phyllis Gets A Wakeup Call

At Chancellor Park, Michael (Christian Le Blanc) waited and waited until, finally, a disguised Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) showed up. He warned her she’d be better off staying hidden. She told him Daniel texted her about Summer’s breakup and declared it was “time for restorative justice,” meaning she couldn’t fix anything while hiding under a rock. Michael asked her to tell him every detail from the day she met Stark until he died.

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He also asked why she didn’t trust him enough to come to him when it all started. She said she needed to do things alone, but that’s changed — and now she needs him. Phyllis told him everything. After, Michael told her he was meeting her kids. He suggested she go on an apology tour and appreciate any forgiveness she’s shown. She wanted to have a little time to relax, but he warned even his patience was wearing thin. Once alone, she hallucinated Diane (Susan Walters) catching her and calling her out. It prompted her to write a text that Diane beat her, but then she came to her senses and vowed to finish what she started.

Young and the Restless Recap: Cat and Mouse

Earlier at the Abbott mansion, Tucker (Trevor St. John) tried to snap a shot of Ashley (Eileen Davidson) with his phone while she wanted to figure out a list of possible people the recruiter could hire for their new company. Flirting led to kissing until Diane arrived home and told them to get a room. They gave her a hard time about not being at the office, and she fought back. They started kissing to make her go away. Once alone, Ashley realized only Phyllis could make Diane really go away. Tucker realized he was late to meet with the headhunter.

At the GCAC, Jack (Peter Bergman) greeted a shocked Daniel (Michael Graziadei) warmly. He was grateful Jack didn’t hate him because of what his mother had done. Jack held no ill will and was happy to hear Daniel was trying to be there for Summer (Allison Lanier). Jack wanted to know if Daniel’s life was good, and seeing him mooning over Lily (Christel Khalil) made Jack happy. Lily joined them and shared the good news that Omegasphere has caught fire in South America. Jack left them to celebrate.

For her birthday, Daniel let Lily preview a new game he made for her, and she was in awe that he created an entire universe for her…until he took it back and wouldn’t let her keep it, because it wasn’t finished. She asked what she’d have to do to get a copy. As they started to kiss, Summer came in, furious he hadn’t checked his messages. She let him know Michael wanted to see them now. After Lily left, Daniel and Summer tried to figure out what was going on but eventually argued with each other, with Summer saying he’s never been there for her. She risked it all for their mom, and she’s about to lose everything. Michael arrived, as they spoke about needing to find Carson, the EMT, Tucker, seated at a nearby table, overheard.

Young & Restless Recap: Fallout At Jabot

Earlier at Jabot, Billy (Jason Thompson) was troubleshooting over the phone when Summer arrived. She wanted to ask his advice, and he said he was too busy. She guilted him into listening about her Marchetti problems. He didn’t think it would work with Chelsea, which didn’t please her. She didn’t like his advice and accused him of freezing her out since she was no longer family. He gave her a pep talk that she needed to get back to the confident gal she was before this mess with Phyllis.

Jack entered, and when he heard she needed someone to help at Marchetti, he suggested she speak with Diane. Summer wanted to handle it herself. After Summer left, Jack vented about Ashley. Billy was dealing with the fallout, so he vented too. Jack said when Ashley gets angry, she gets quiet and sneaky. Billy remarked she has the perfect partner in Tucker for that. Billy suggested Jack stop taking it personally. Diane arrived and explained she was doing what she could to shore up the talent they have so they won’t jump ship to Ashley’s company. Once alone, Jack wanted to marry right away. He wanted to escape and asked if she’d go with him, be his girl. She smiled and kissed him.

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