Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki And Victor Suspect Victoria’s Motives

The Newmans worry about what’s going on at Newman Enterprises.

the young and the restless recap for june 23, 2023, has victor newman with his hand on his chin sitting at the office.Victor Newman is worried about what he's hearing.

The Young and the Restless recap brings worries for Victor and Nikki Newman after Victoria throws a fit over her decision to force Nick to take leave is questioned.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Nick finds Nate and tells him off as Tucker watches the arguing with glee. Audra tries to strike up a conversation with Adam (Mark Grossman) after Sally threw him out of her hospital room. Finally, Nick takes Sally home and she asks for time to consider his idea of moving in together. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Young and the Restless: Suspect Motives

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) was none too pleased with Victoria (Amelia Heinle) forcing Nick to take a leave from work. Of course, Victoria wasn’t at all phased by her mother’s disapproval. She felt she’d made the appropriate call, but Nikki said she should’ve let her brother decide for himself.

“What happens next? What’s your next move,” Nikki asked. Victoria yelled about people second-guessing her, and Victor (Eric Braeden) walked in. “What’s going on?” he wondered. Nikki snarkily explained what Victoria did, and she tried to defend herself. Victor declared that Nick could handle his personal and professional life.

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Nikki pointed out that Nick might need the distraction of work, and she said she suspected that Victoria’s unusual choice had something to do with Nate. Of course, Victoria denied it, but Nikki said Nate had delegated Newman Media work to Audra.

Victor addressed that Victoria was romantically involved with Nate. “I refuse to be interrogated by my parents about this,” she declared. Ultimately, she told them to let her go if they had a problem with her decisions as CEO, and she stalked out of her office in a huff. Victor felt troubled by their daughter’s reaction.

victor and nikki worry about victoria's decision on young and the restless recap.
Victor Newman and Nikki worry about Victoria in The Young and the Restless recap.

The Newmans went to Society and worried about the recent drama their children had faced. They also weren’t pleased with their grandchildren scattering to the four corners of the earth. Victor was especially upset since he felt he’d taught them all the importance of family. Ultimately, Victor said he felt Nate had something to do with Nick’s departure and he didn’t like it.

At the GCAC, Tucker (Trevor St. John) called out to “Dr. Hastings,” er, wait, Mr. Hastings. Nate (Sean Dominic) told Tucker things were great in the business world. Tucker brought up Audra, and Nate made pointed comments about the older man not appreciating Audra.

Nate sat at a table, and a furious Nick (Joshua Morrow) walked in and confronted him, prompting Tucker to order another drink to watch the fireworks. Nate calmly asked Nick why he was being so hostile. However, Nick didn’t let Nate weasel out of the situation. He felt hiring Nate was a mistake, but Nate denied it.

Nick accused him of targeting Victoria. He wondered how far Nate would’ve taken things with her had Elena not forced him to come clean. Nate denied everything and offered to give Nick a break. Nick wouldn’t let him use his personal issues. All Nate wanted to do was support Victoria and Newman Enterprises, but Nick didn’t buy his act.

Nick insisted that Nate planned to take full advantage of Nick’s misfortunes. He threw Nate’s misdeeds in his face regarding the people he loved. However, Nate denied betraying anybody in the end. Nate asked how he could prove he was sincere. “Stay in your lane at Newman Media,” Nick said. Nate resented Nick’s insults and insinuations, and he told Nick not to blame him for not stopping Faith’s kidnapping or being there for Sally.

victoria confronts nick over nate on young and the restless recap.
Victoria Newman confronts Nick over Nate on The Young and the Restless recap.

Victoria walked in, and Tucker greeted her with a warning to step in between her brother and Nate. She walked up to Nick and called him out for blaming Nate for her decision. After Nick left, Nate and Victoria stayed and chatted. She informed him that her parents didn’t like her choice for Nick to take time off, but it made her more resolved in her stance. Victoria asked Nate if he was okay if she named him interim COO in Nick’s absence.

Y&R Recap: Time Heals All Wounds

At the hospital, Adam asked if Sally had been released, but she’d just been taken for testing. Sally (Courtney Hope) walked up, complaining that Adam wouldn’t stay away. He begged her not to push him away. She didn’t want to see him, but Adam asked if she’d let him help her get through their loss.

Begrudgingly, Sally admitted she was fine…at least physically. Adam said he knew she was as wrecked as he was emotionally. She admitted that she’d heard everything he said earlier about what went down. Sally didn’t want to hear that Adam would make the same decision again.

Adam didn’t regret pouring out his heart to her, and Sally still said she couldn’t forgive Adam for not saving their baby’s life. She blamed him for sacrificing their daughter, but Adam said he had an impossible choice. He begged Sally to look in his eyes to see the truth. “Ava deserved to live,” Sally insisted.

Adam said Sally would be a mother again someday, and even though he wouldn’t be the baby’s father, Sally’s next baby would be lucky. Again, she cried, telling him to go, so he left. Later, a nurse walked in to give Sally her release papers. In them was the certificate of stillbirth.

Nick showed up, and Sally was ready to go. She was sick of being there and sick of seeing Adam. Nick promised to stop pushing her to forgive him. As they got ready to leave, Nick wondered where he was taking Sally. Was she moving in with him?

Sally appreciated Nick’s offer, but she needed some time to consider such a big, important step. He told her to take as much time as she needed. Sally wanted Nick to take her back to her room at the athletic club.

Young and the Restless Recap: Machinations

Adam sat at the bar at the jazz club, and Audra (Zuleyka Silver) walked up, trying to talk to him. “Do I even know you,” he wondered. She said he didn’t, but he should. Audra introduced herself, and Adam wasn’t interested despite her flirtations.

She denied flirting and said she merely wanted to know about her newest competition. Adam said he was her newest and most dangerous competition, which she said felt ominous. He pointedly asked Audra if there were any truth to the rumors she’d take over the top slot at Newman Media. She admitted she was more than ready should the opportunity present itself.

tucker offers his condolences to adam as audra looks on on the young and the restless recap.
Tucker offers Adam his condolences as Audra looks on.

Tucker arrived and greeted Adam and Audra, but Adam wasn’t having it. He offered his condolences after Adam’s snarkiness, and Adam didn’t even know how Tucker had heard. Adam wasn’t interested in discussing either personal or business plans with Tucker or Audra.

After Adam left, Tucker and Audra chatted. She said all the pieces were falling into place for her. He warned her to be careful what she wished for, though, but she didn’t need it. Even so, Tucker pointed out that Adam was trouble…worse than Tucker himself. Audra wasn’t scared of Adam, though.

Audra asked after Ashley, and he noted that Ashley wanted to take Jabot away from Jack. She pointed out that was his original plan, though, but he said it wasn’t a fight he wanted. Tucker declared it a war that was destined to fail.

Adam sat alone in his room and flashed back on Sally, telling him he was her baby’s father and other moments they shared throughout her short pregnancy, including the aftermath of the terrible end.

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