Sally Spectra Dreams About The Future For Her Baby

The Y&R recap for Tuesday, February 21, 2023, brings Sally Spectra dreaming about the future possibilities for her baby.

young and the restless recap for february 21, 2023 has sally spectra very confusedSally Spectra isn't sure what to think.

The Young and the Restless recap for Tuesday brings Sally Spectra daydreaming about all the possibilities for her baby.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition to that, Sharon (Sharon Case) got the exciting news that Delphine went into labor, and it wasn’t Braxton Hicks this time. It seems Mariah and Tessa will be moms soon. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Sally Spectra Worries About The Future

At Crimson Lights, Sally (Courtney Hope) got news that the paternity test results were in, but suddenly she couldn’t check them. Nick (Joshua Morrow) told her that everything would be better once she knew who the baby’s dad was.

On the patio, Sharon (Sharon Case) spoke on the phone with Faith and updated her on Mariah (Camryn Grimes) and Tessa’s (Cait Fairbanks) baby situation.

sally spectra and nick talk at crimson lights on the young and the restless recap.
Sally Spectra and Nick talk things over at Crimson Lights.

Inside, Nick promised Sally he’d be there for her no matter how it turned out. She didn’t want to open it in public, and she asked Nick to let them sit for a bit longer without opening the results. He reminded her it was one small step in a lifelong journey, and Sally expressed her desire not to know a bit longer.

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Sharon stopped by Nick and Sally’s table with news that Delphine was in labor. Nick congratulated Sharon and asked her to keep him updated. After Sharon left, Sally expressed her worry that she had 10 hours plus in labor ahead of her later on. She talked about how she didn’t have support like Mariah and Tessa, and Nick wondered about her family. Sally hadn’t given them her baby news…yet.

Young and the Restless: It Was All A Dream

Back at Sally’s hotel room, she was still visibly stressed. Nick urged her to relax and take as much time as she needed. Nick put on some soothing music, and he urged Sally to sit down. After a bit, she took a deep breath and opened the document.

Sally seemed really out of it, and she opened the results. It read 0% chance that Nick Newman could be the father. She decided to tell Adam (Mark Grossman) immediately. At the bar at Society, Adam’s phone rang just as Victor (Eric Braeden) walked in, wanting to talk. Despite his dad, Adam agreed to meet Sally at The Grand Phoenix. As Adam left, Victor told him desperation didn’t become him.

Nick wanted to stay for Sally’s talk with Adam, but she said Nick’s presence might make Adam worse. However, Nick wanted to be there for her, and Adam’s knock came. Sally opened the door, and Nick invited him in. Adam wanted to know what was going on. Sally dropped the bombshell that she was pregnant.

Adam wondered if his brother wanted Adam to know that he’d knocked up Sally, but she told Adam that he was the father. Adam seemed thrilled that they were having a baby, and he wanted to know how everything was going. Sally didn’t want to be caught between two brothers, and Adam asked if Nick would give them space to talk alone. Sally wanted some air, and she asked Adam to join her.

They went to the park, and Sally told Adam she felt scared. She let him know she’d been sick at first, and he admitted he was glad Nick…or somebody…was there to help. Adam promised to be there for her to lean on.

adam and sally spectra talk about their baby at the park on young and the restless.
Adam Newman and Sally talk about their baby’s future.

Adam wondered how Sally knew the baby was his, and she told him about the paternity test with Nick. She didn’t know the gender of the baby, though. Adam hoped a girl would have Sally’s beauty, intelligence, and passion. From him, he hoped she’d get his sardonic wit and strong chin. Adam wanted to build their daughter things — a huge treehouse.

Adam declared Connor would love to have a sister, but she wondered what if the baby was a boy. Adam loved that idea too, and Sally loved seeing him the way he’d been when they were first together. He promised to always be there for her, and he proposed.

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Sally ran into Society. Victor was still there. Adam apologized for the rushed proposal, but he knew what he wanted. He declared that their lives were intertwined permanently through their baby. Adam had never loved anybody the way he loved Sally. The whole thing felt like destiny — to be a family like neither of them had growing up. Adam said he and Sally were meant to be.

Sally called it a mistake, and she left. At Crimson Lights, Sally found Nick talking to Sharon on the patio. Sharon went to get water, and Nick wondered what was going on. Adam walked in, declaring that the news changed everything.

Adam said he wouldn’t sit on the sidelines the way he had with Christian, and he said it had been the same way with Sage. Adam told Sally that his family would try to take her baby and give it to Nick just like he did with Christian. Nick insisted that they were together. Adam said Nick would not take his child, and Nick punched him in the face, and everything rewound.

Y&R Recap: Déjà Vu

It was all a daydream, though. Back in her room, Sally opened the results, and this time it read that there was a 99.9% possibility that Nick was the baby’s father. Sally and Nick were both ecstatic with the news. He wanted to have a celebratory lunch…sans champagne for Sally.

They showed up at Society and walked in on Adam, telling Victor to give him Victoria’s job. Sally wanted to leave, but Nick wanted to tell them both right then. She announced their baby news, and Adam told Nick he’d taken everything from him. Nick wondered why his brother made it all about himself with no happiness for Sally.

Adam asked if Nick had ever said he loved Sally, and Nick told him that was enough. Adam congratulated Victor on becoming a grandfather again, and he told Sally she would be a wonderful mother and left. Victor told Nick that he was making a mistake, and he congratulated Sally on getting the big prize — the eldest Newman son. Nick warned Victor to get on board or he’d never know the child.

They went back to Crimson Lights and told Sharon the news. She was thrilled that Mariah and Tessa’s baby would have a playmate. Sally walked away to call to tell her family. She let Coco know she was pregnant and Nick was the baby’s dad, which was awkward, but she was happy.

Sharon asked Nick how he really felt about the baby, and he admitted he was happy. Even so, Sharon thought the situation was tricky. Sharon had thought they were past the newborn stage, but Nick thought Christian would be thrilled. Of course, Sharon wondered what Summer would think.

Nick admitted that he didn’t love Sally, and that they probably didn’t have what it took to make it through. However, Sally was smart and wasn’t expecting a fairytale. She overheard Nick telling Sharon, and looked heartbroken. Nick said the only thing that mattered was the baby, and everything rewound.

nick newman hugs sally spectra on young and the restless recap
Nick Newman gives Sally a hug as she worries about the DNA test results.

Again, it was all a daydream. Sally freaked out about the fact that opening the results would change all their lives — even the baby’s life. Sally just wanted to be happy and excited about the baby like Mariah and Tessa, and all she felt was worry. Nick reassured her that she’d be happy once she got through all the worries.

Sally wondered if Nick wanted a boy or a girl, but he truly didn’t care. All Nick wanted was health, and he’d be there to coach no matter who the baby was. He couldn’t build things, though, but he had friends who would. Sally still liked imagining different possibilities for the baby. Regardless of the test results, Nick declared the baby would be loved and accepted. Sally logged into her account.

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