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Phyllis Summers Sells Jack and Diane Down The River

The Y&R recap for Thursday, March 9, 2023, has Phyllis Summers letting Jeremy know she’d found Jack and Diane.

young and the restless recap for march 9, 2023, has phyllis hitting paydirtPhyllis Summers made a dangerous move.

The Young and the Restless recap for Thursday brings Phyllis Summers spreading the news to Jeremy that she’d found the people he’s been searching for.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In addition, Ashley called out Billy on his double standards. Diane dreamed of her wedding day, but it turned into a nightmare. Chelsea got inspiration from Phyllis and Summer, and Billy realized he felt passionate about something again. Now let’s dig deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap: Phyllis Summers Crosses The Line

Summer (Allison Lanier) saw Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) at Crimson Lights. They caught up a bit, and Summer tried to offer Chelsea a job at Marchetti, but again, Chelsea turned her down. The reason? Chelsea had a new project, and she promised to tell Summer more about it later.

As they chatted, the details of Summer firing Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) came out, and they lamented how hard it was when their personal lives negatively affected their work. Summer wished Chelsea luck as she got a phone call. As Chelsea walked away, Phyllis walked in, overhearing that Diane was away.

Phyllis grabbed her phone and pretended to talk as she walked into the coffee shop. She pretended it was crazy to run into Summer there. They had an awkward talk, and Phyllis mentioned that she had a gift for Harrison, and she got details that Jack and Diane went on a trip. Summer was onto her mom, so she didn’t give many details. She wouldn’t tell Phyllis where they were even if she knew.

Chelsea overheard the whole thing, and she looked concerned as Summer flounced out of Crimson Lights.

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Later, Chelsea was upstairs, and Billy knocked on her door. She welcomed him in, and she let Billy know she was in a groove and didn’t want to stop working. Chelsea told him her feelings about work, and Billy told her not to do it, but she said she had to feel her feelings. Ultimately, she shared some interesting ideas she had about how to make the game work, and Billy loved it.

chelsea updates billy on her work on the young and the restless recap.
Chelsea Lawson updates Billy on her work.

He also told her that he planned to work at Jabot, and Chelsea felt inspired by Billy’s excitement.

Phyllis saw Kyle (Michael Mealor) at The Grand Phoenix. They talked a bit, and Phyllis admitted she felt hopeless about her relationship with Summer. Kyle left, and he forgot his phone. Phyllis tried to stop him, but he was already gone. Instead of leaving the phone alone, Phyllis picked it up and saw that flowers had been delivered to the cabin. She called the cabin, and Diane answered — letting Phyllis know for sure their location. She didn’t waste any time and texted Jeremy that she’d found Jack and Diane.

Young and the Restless: Hope For The Future

Earlier at Society, Billy saw Ashley (Eileen Davidson), and the two sat down together and chatted. While Ashley tried to say that Abby and Dominic were her reasons for returning to Genoa City so soon, Billy called her out on her contact with Tucker (Trevor St. John).

Billy told his sister how bad an idea it was for her to get involved with her ex again, and Ashley didn’t let him get away with it. She pointed out that Billy had advocated for people to give Diane a second chance. For Billy, it was different, though, because Tucker would never change, which caused Ashley to say Billy never changed either.

While Billy didn’t believe Tucker’s attempts to change were sincere, Ashley warned her brother not to judge him. He realized Ashley had feelings for Tucker, which left him wondering if she’d learned anything. As she signed the check, Ashley let Billy know she wasn’t interested in discussing her romantic entanglements.

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Billy laughed and wondered what Jack thought, but Ashley said Jack had no credibility. When Ashley mentioned the house seemed crowded, he advised her to move out, and she declined. Again, she called out Billy for his double standards regarding her and Jack giving people second chances. Ultimately, Billy admitted his sister had a point. He left it with an apology, letting Ashley know it wasn’t any of his business.

Talk turned to Billy’s professional life, and he admitted Jack had offered him a job. Ashley thought that would be a disaster, but Billy didn’t think so. She turned all that around on her brother, pointing out that anybody is capable of change. Billy called Jack and left a voicemail that he wanted to talk about the job, and Ashley looked intrigued.

Tucker showed up at Devon’s (Bryton James), and Devon told his dad that it was strictly a business discussion. He asked his dad about first offering the company to Newman, and he insinuated that Tucker lied to him.

devon is wary about tucker's offer on the young adn the restless recap.
Devon Hamilton isn’t sure he trusts Tucker.

Of course, Tucker blamed his offer to Newman on the company attempting to buy his debt and forcing him to sell. Again, Tucker offered his son a good deal on McCall Unlimited, and Devon thought maybe his dad was trying to dump a failing company. Tucker vehemently denied it and offered to leave, but Devon stopped him, letting him know he was interested in buying.

Devon told Tucker that the company was a mess, and Tucker said he’d considered focusing on the core elements — music and entertainment, which Devon thought was a great idea. They talked about some more business and what to do with the other divisions.

Tucker told Devon that if he bought the company, he should hire him as an advisor, but Devon wasn’t totally sold on that idea. Devon seemed stunned his dad wanted to fix their relationship bad enough to sell the company to him and take on a smaller role.

Y&R Recap: A Dream-Turned-Nightmare

At the Abbott cabin, Diane (Susan Walters) was dressed in a robe with blue clouds on it. She looked for Jack (Peter Bergman), but he wasn’t there. She found a note from Jack that said he was off to find a great dinner, and he suggested that she open a bottle of wine.

Diane lay down on the couch, and she seemed to fall asleep. She had a dream it was her wedding day, and Kyle showed up with a gorgeous necklace from Jack. They talked about how perfect and great everything was. Summer showed up and complimented her mother-in-law. Kyle left to check on the ring bearer, and Summer told Diane she was the mother to her that Phyllis could never be.

ashley abbott looks on as traci and diane toast
Ashley looks on as Traci and Diane Jenkins toast.

Traci (Beth Maitland) came in and fawned all over Diane. She said she was so impressed by her she’d written and book and she’d already sold the rights to Hollywood. Ashley came in, and she apologized to Diane for making her life so tricky since her return. Jack’s oldest sister actually claimed she loved Diane, and Diane asked Ashley to be her maid of honor. The sisters toasted their new sister-in-law.

Things in Diane’s dream turned sinister, and she thought the necklace Jack had given her was actually the one they stole from Nikki. A knock at the door brought terror in the form of Jeremy Stark (James Hyde), and Diane jerked awake from the dream-turned-nightmare.

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