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Phyllis Summers Goes On Drunken Tirade Calling For Diane’s Death

The Y&R recap for Friday, March 3, 2023, brings Phyllis Summers telling Michael and Lauren she wants Diane dead.

young and the restless recap for march 3, 2023 has phyllis summers a complete messPhyllis Summers keeps going too far.

The Young and the Restless recap for Friday, March 3, 2023, brings some scary threats from Phyllis Summers as she drunkenly yells about Diane dying while downstairs at The Grand Phoenix.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

In response to Phyllis’s (Michelle Stafford) tirade, Michael and Lauren worry about her spiraling out of control. Plus, Sally suffers a mild pregnancy scare that brings Nick running while Adam begins to spiral over not being able to be a family with Sally. Diane gets a shocking proposal from Jack. Finally, Mariah gives Sharon some exciting baby news! Now let’s dive deeper into what happened.

Y&R Recap Phyllis Summers Spirals

At The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) left Summer (Allison Lanier) a mom-guilt voicemail telling her to call her back. She also called Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and left him a drunk voicemail. Michael (Christian Le Blanc) and Lauren (Tracey Bregman) walked in and noticed but while Michael wanted to leave, Lauren talked him into staying to offer a listening ear to their friend.

michael and lauren see phyllis summers going on a drunken tear.
Phyllis Summers worries Michael and Lauren.

Phyllis tried to seem normal when they approached and offered to buy them a drink, but they declined. Soon Phyllis broke down crying, and she let them know that her life was spinning out, and she couldn’t stop it. Lauren suggested some food, but Phyllis didn’t think it’d fix her problems. Michael wasn’t interested in sticking around, so he went to order food anyway.

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Lauren and Phyllis talked, and Michael walked back up and wondered if Phyllis was meddling in her children’s lives. Phyllis took offense, and she insisted all she wanted to do was help them, but both Summer and Daniel blamed all their problems on her. She was so tired of it.

Michael and Lauren looked at each other, and Phyllis thought they blamed her too. They said they were there for her, but Phyllis wasn’t having it. All she had left to rely on was herself and her drink. The food showed up, and they tried to get Phyllis to eat, but she wasn’t interested.

Michael said Phyllis was family, but she pointed out that they weren’t. She reminded them that they were supposed to be friends. Phyllis lost it over Michael welcoming Diane — that virus — back into town. How could Michael do that to her?

“Diane is not the root of all your problems,” Michael yelled, losing his temper.

Phyllis didn’t agree, though. She said Diane was the cause of her problems: “I wish she died. I wish she’d died. I want her dead. You can only die once, right? It’s not too late. I want that bitch dead! Now.”

Phyllis drunkenly wondered where Diane’s headstone was. Michael and Lauren warned her not to make death threats in public, but Phyllis said it was the First Amendment (it was not). She let her friends know they were either with her or against her. Phyllis declared she was done with Lauren and Michael, and she walked away.

Lauren encouraged Michael to go after her, so he did. He came back without Phyllis, and Lauren admitted that she was really scared for their friend. Michael agreed. Lauren worried that Phyllis might not be able to go down the dark path again and come back, but Michael said she was a survivor.

Phyllis was asleep on the couch in her room, and she opened her eyes to see Jeremy Stark. “You’re lucky to be alive,” he said.

Young and the Restless: A Proposal

At the cabin, Diane (Susan Walters) and Jack (Peter Bergman) talked about happy endings and new beginnings after watching a movie. He wondered what they should do next, and Diane said all she wanted was to be there with him. Safe. That led to a round of kissing and, presumably…adult time.

jack and diane cuddle on the couch in the y&r recap
Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins enjoy their time at the cabin.

Diane and Jack lounged on the couch, and she wished they could stay there forever. Jack said they could, and then he suggested they have an endless adventure around the world, which Diane could picture. Of course, she pointed out that he couldn’t leave his family or Jabot, and she didn’t want to be apart from Kyle either.

Jack pointed out that reality was great too, and he promised to make life as special as it could be for them. Suddenly, there was a sound at the door, and Diane reacted in fear. Jack checked outside, and it was a fallen tree branch. He reassured Diane that they were safe.

Diane promised that somehow she was going to get Jeremy out of their lives. She was furious that she’d allowed him to get to her again. This time, though, Diane would be the one who took the risk to drive Jeremy out of their lives. Jack gently said that going on the offensive wasn’t the right solution, though. He suggested that the opposite approach was the way to go.

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Jack’s solution was to pretend that Jeremy didn’t exist at all. He wanted them to take away his power by ignoring him entirely. Diane wasn’t fully convinced. He wondered why they were wasting even a second on Jeremy Stark. Jack said he loved Diane too much to let Jeremy — or anyone else — take it away from them. Diane said she loved Jack too.

“I have another idea,” Jack said. “Marry me.”

Y&R Recap: Oh Baby!

Sally (Courtney Hope) sat on the couch in her hotel room in obvious distress. She called Nick (Joshua Morrow), and he wanted to finish up work, but Sally said it couldn’t wait. She had a splitting headache, and she was worried. Nick advised her to call the doctor and promised he’d be right there.

sally spectra calls nick newman on the young and the restless.
Sally Spectra calls Nick.

When Nick arrived, Sally let him know that the doctor said her headache could be normal or it could be Sally’s blood pressure issue. The doctor told Sally to rest and reduce stress, and she realized Nick had been really worried. She felt bad that she’d called him, but he was happy she did.

They went over Sally’s recent meals to ensure nothing she ate was causing the headaches. It turned out, she’d been slacking over the meals and on her prenatal vitamins. Nick promised to spend more time with her.

Sally apologized for worrying Nick, and he told her that she reacted to a potential problem…like mothers do. A knock came at the door, and it was Adam. Nick complained about Adam showing up unannounced. She reluctantly answered the door, wondering why Adam had stopped by. He said he’d been thinking about Sally and wanted to check in. She said everything was fine…now, which instantly worried Adam.

Sally told Adam not to check in because she didn’t need anything from him before the baby was born. Nick said he’d take care of Sally, and Adam said he’d tried to resist the urge to check in. However, he asked to come to Sally’s doctor’s appointments or ultrasounds, and she promised to think about it. Adam left, and she and Nick talked about how tense and complicated the situation was.

Nick warned Sally to be careful where Adam was concerned. He thought letting Adam be involved in her pregnancy might be inviting trouble since the more involved Adam was, the harder it’d be to let go.

Earlier, Sharon (Sharon Case) was pouring coffee at Crimson Lights when Mariah (Camryn Grimes) walked in to give her mom an update on motherhood. Mariah summed it all up by saying motherhood was magical and their baby was perfect. Sharon understood Mariah’s love for her daughter.

mariah tells sharon about her new baby y&r recap.
Mariah Copeland tells Sharon about her new baby.

The new grandma nearly drooled over pictures of the baby, and Adam (Mark Grossman) walked in. She let him know the great news. Adam congratulated Mariah. After all, having a child is the best. Mariah shared the photos with Adam, gushing over the little girl, and he said the baby was lucky to have her and Tessa as moms.

Adam got a call, and he wanted to split, but Sharon couldn’t believe he left before having coffee. Ultimately, Adam admitted that Sally was pregnant and he was the father. He realized that Sharon already knew. He was upset Sharon hadn’t told him he would be a father, but Sharon didn’t know. The detail about Sally being the one who told Sharon left Adam shocked too.

Adam admitted that he’d been holding out hope that he and Sally would reunite, but his brother had stepped up. Sharon said she was sorry, but she also pointed out that Sally had told Adam the truth, which was a big deal. Ultimately, Adam did express his happiness that he was having another baby even though Nick was in the mix. Adam left.

Later, Mariah let Sharon know she’d seen her talk with Adam. However, the talk turned back to Mariah’s new baby. What did they name her? It seemed they hadn’t found the perfect name. Sharon wondered what names were in the running, and Mariah didn’t want to bring up bad memories since Sharon hadn’t gotten to name her.

Sharon let Mariah know that when she heard the name that captured her little girl’s essence, she would know it.

Adam returned to Crimson Lights, and she instantly knew something was wrong. He told her he was trying to do the right thing, but he wasn’t sure if he could.

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