Nikki Newman Fumes As Jack’s Big Announcement Steals The Show

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday, March 29, 2023, brings Nikki Newman irritated that Jack upstaged her.

the young and the restless recap for march 29, 2023 has victor and nikki at the gala and she's madVictor Newman observes as Nikki fumes.

The Young and the Restless recap for Wednesday brings Nikki Newman irritated that Jack and Diane’s big announcement upstaged all her hard work on the gala.

Young and the Restless Recap Highlights

Plus, Audra found Kyle’s phone and returned it to him. Gina and Danny caught up with Daniel while Amanda stopped Abby and Devon from leaving the Gala. Adam kept an eye on Sally from afar. Summer didn’t believe Phyllis, and later Phyllis made a scene after Jack’s engagement announcement. Also, Billy and Chelsea kissed at Crimson Lights. Now let’s dig deeper into what went down.

Y&R Recap: One Fine Mess

Summer (Allison Lanier), Kyle (Michael Mealor), and Jack (Peter Bergman) pulled Diane (Susan Walters) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) apart. Phyllis insisted that Diane tried to kill her and warned her to stay away from her as she exited the suite. Summer followed her mom.

In the hall, Summer asked her mom what led up to the situation in the room, and she wondered what was going on with Phyllis. Instead of explaining things, Phyllis cried about how Diane had cost her everything. Ultimately, Phyllis said she wanted to work things out with Diane, but Summer didn’t buy it. She asked Phyllis to stop and said that she knew her mom was lying. Phyllis told Summer to stay away from her and walked away.

Back inside, Diane told the story of what happened with Phyllis using Kyle to lure her upstairs. Jack wanted to deal with the situation, and he suggested they not announce their engagement, but Diane insisted that they should. She just needed a minute to freshen up.

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Jack and Kyle went downstairs, and Kyle worried about what they’d seen with Diane and Phyllis. Jack found it unsettling since he thought that side of Diane was long gone. Even so, Kyle could understand why Diane had freaked out.

Diane walked downstairs, and she wanted to move forward. Jack and Kyle seemed unsure of what they should do. Diane explained that she’d texted Kyle, and he said he lost his phone.

At the bar, Audra (Zuleyka Silver) struggled to get the bartender’s attention. She picked up an abandoned phone that was buzzing. Audra went over to Ashley (Eileen Davidson) and Tucker (Trevor St. John) to see if they knew whose phone it was, and Ashley realized it was Kyle’s phone. Audra said she’d give it to Kyle. Ashley noted she didn’t trust Audra.

ashley isn't thrilled about audra and tucker's connection,
Ashley tells Tucker McCall she doesn’t trust Audra.

Audra found Kyle with Jack and Diane. She introduced herself and returned his phone to him. Summer walked up, and she wasn’t thrilled to see Audra because of what she’d done to Noah. Kyle confirmed that he got Diane’s text, and both Kyle and Jack apologized for doubting Diane.

Jack got everyone’s attention, and he invited them all to the lounge. Of course, as everyone made their way to the announcement, Jack realized he was missing the engagement ring.

Upstairs, Jeremy (James Hyde) complimented Phyllis on her scuffle with Diane. He held up the ring, and Phyllis seemed upset by the stunning piece of jewelry. “Now comes the hardest, but most important part. Are you ready?” Phyllis said she was.

Young and the Restless Recap: Nikki Newman Isn’t Happy

In the lounge, Jack thanked everyone for creating the wonderful event. He gave a speech about the ups and downs in Genoa City, but he pointed out that they all had more in common than not — a shared humanity. Jack revealed that he and Diane had chosen happiness and love, and he announced their engagement. Ashley and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) both looked upset, and Summer wasn’t happy, either.

phyllis loses it at the gala.
Phyllis Summers loses it.

Victor noted that it was amazing to see Jack make mistake after mistake, and Nikki Newman wasn’t thrilled about spending months putting the gala together only for Jack and Diane to steal the show. Phyllis burst in, yelling and clapping for love and the future, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Abbott.

Young and the Restless: Let’s Go

Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) threw herself a pity party on the patio at Crimson Lights when she and Billy (Jason Thompson) had some tea together. She encouraged him to go back to the gala, but he said he wanted to be there with her.

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Chelsea admitted that she was still trying to figure out her impulses, and she described the physical feelings she had during it too. She said she went into fight or flight mode, and flight won. Billy understood, and he said they’d figure things out together. Chelsea started to go upstairs, and Billy told her how beautiful she looked. They kissed.

At the gala, Daniel (Michael Graziadei) and Lily (Christel Khalil) danced in the jazz lounge. He expressed his happiness that Devon (Bryton James) dropped the lawsuit, and she thanked him for his support.

abby and devon kissing at the gala.
Abby Newman-Abbott and Devon kiss.

Abby (Melissa Ordway) checked in with Devon, wondering if he was having second thoughts about dropping the lawsuit. However, he explained that the whole night had overwhelmed him in a good way. He wanted to go home, and Abby offered to go home with him.

Devon credited Abby with changing everything by dedicating the jazz club to Neil because that’s what reunited him and Lily. They kissed as Amanda (Mishael Morgan) watched from the top of the stairs. Abby and Devon walked out, and Amanda confronted them.

Y&R Recap: True Love

Nick (Joshua Morrow) checked in with a clearly uncomfortable Sally (Courtney Hope). She let Nick know that she felt like everyone was staring, and she was starving. He suggested that they split and get some dinner. Sally said she’d stick it out a bit longer, though.

Across the room, Adam (Mark Grossman) and Sharon (Sharon Case) talked, and she noticed he was upset by Sally and Nick. Sharon reminded Adam he needed to get used to seeing them together. Adam ultimately regretted “being a jackass” for most of his life, and he wondered why Sharon still put up with him.

Sharon said that she put up with him because they only had friendship between them. She also pointed out that co-parenting was more difficult, though. Sharon suggested that Adam and Sally would have their child’s best interests at heart once the baby was born.

After Jack’s big announcement, Adam spotted a seemingly upset Sally across the room, as she told Nick that it was great to see somebody so certain of being in love.

Young and the Restless Recap: Welcome Back

Lauren (Tracy Bregman), Michael (Christian Le Blanc), and Traci (Beth Maitland) excitedly welcomed Danny (Michael Damian) and Gina (Patty Weaver). Leanna (Barbara Crampton) walked by, but nobody wanted to talk to her.

Gina wondered what was going on with Daniel and Lily since she could see the sparks flying. Daniel and Lily danced, and he told her he wanted her to be part of his life. Danny walked over and interrupted, saying hello so they welcomed him home. Danny wanted to borrow Daniel from Lily for a second, so she went to get champagne.

danny gives daniel some unwanted advice.
Danny Romalotti gives Daniel some unwanted advice.

Danny let Daniel know that he was worried about his son and Lily. He encouraged Daniel to put all his energy into himself because he needed to work on his own foundation before starting something with Lily. Daniel nicely told his dad that he could make his own decisions, and Danny agreed to butt out.

Gina walked up and hugged her nephew as they talked about Phyllis, and Danny advised his son to accept his mom for the way she is. Daniel promised to talk to Phyllis soon. Gina asked for some photos of Lucy. Earlier, Gina and Traci (Beth Maitland) had congratulated Jack on love winning in his relationship with Diane.

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